About Me

I'm Charmaine. I'm a cultural Mormon. I don't believe in an Abrahamic god. I've got tattoos, a nose ring, and an ex husband who is also a great friend. We've got two beautiful boys that I sometimes think may be better raised by actual wolves. There's also a mini schnauzer running around in the mix. I love to read and I love people. I'm naturally happy. I eat Mexican food every Friday night and pancakes every Sunday morning. I practice yoga, shop at Trader Joe's, and take pictures of pretty things. I also know how to shoot a gun and drive a stick-shift. If I was a super hero, I'd a be a philosowarrior or an opti-mystic. I am a self-proclaimed water snob and in blind taste tests can accurately tell you from which Phoenix-metropolitan city tap water originates or which brand of bottled water I am drinking. I don't resemble anyone famous.

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