Sunday, January 18, 2015

Animals, Human Beings, & Bearers of a Divine Essence

T he theme of my life of late has been "rise above." I do not necessarily mean to rise above others, although it can certainly mean that, but rather to rise above myself. Over the last couple of weeks I found myself responding and reacting quite sharply with a family member. I am humbled to admit that it took me several negative interactions to realize that the problem was me. In a situation where I would normally say, "Ok," I was being mean and snappy. I thought that I was justified in my hurt feelings and that I was asserting myself and my boundaries.
But I was responding as an animal would - without thought or consideration for anyone but myself. There was a time in my life where that kind of response was appropriate. But I have moved on from that and it is no longer appropriate for me to act that way. Now is the time to see and seek out the good in myself and in others. Now is the time for compassion and kindness and love and respect. Now is the time to find similarities and ways to validate and uplift others. 
And now is also the time to seek forgiveness.

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Chantal Jones said...

💜💜💜 where have I been? Beautiful post