Monday, December 01, 2014

I Dream of Gypsy

Sometimes my heart yearns to wander - to buy a motorhome and make my way to the mountains. I love the mountains. The tiny-house-minimalist-off-the-grid-kind-of-life appeals to me. I'm not sure if that life is suited to young children though. Maybe it would be. But my other problem is... my treasures. I've gotten rid of a lot of treasures over the last couple of years. I've significantly downsized through living with the parents and divorce and smaller living spaces. The real obstacle in my dream to leading the life of a wanderer is lugging books everywhere. Books are heavy. And while I love my tablet and the ease with which I can get books delivered right to me, I have years worth of books that have been marked in and loved. I can't get rid of those. They are like journals to me - they're my history. Speaking of journals, I also found a whole box of those during the most recent purge. I think there were 17 or 18 of them. I've since stopped journalling as much - blogging is the new journaling and I don't even do that very often. But I also can't get rid of those journals. Over the last 5 years, I've probably gotten rid of at least half of my library (probably more considering the divorce in addition to the other downsizing). And as of right this second, I have about 100 cubic feet of book shelves, but at least half of my books are in storage. I just don't see those fitting in a motorhome or trailer. I'd need a separate one just for my library. But I dream about wandering. I dream of new places and people and sites and sounds and smells and ... I dream of finding new treasures.