Monday, June 23, 2014

The Glory of God

he first time I ever saw this painting by Alfons Mucha, it was a very small icon and I thought "The Morning Star" was of a woman holding a book. The image spoke to me. It whispered the phrase I heard growing up in my Mormon household, "The glory of God is intelligence." A phrase which appears on the walls of Mormon temples where the secrets of heaven are revealed, a phrase which is written on the doors of universities, the entrance to the secrets of earth and the universe, a phrase written upon my heart. I jokingly tell my parents that the way I turned out is all their fault. I think that most of the time they don't find it as amusing as I do. But I really do look up to and admire them. My dad attended school where he earned an MBA and a JD while providing for his wife and two young girls. My mom always took an interest in my schooling and often helped me with my homework (sometimes doing it all by herself! I remember one beautifully written paper declaring freedom from the summer heat which my junior english teacher hailed as "perfect"). She took my education on as her job for two years in middle school. She still enjoys learning about anatomy, art, religion and more. During my teenage and early college years, I loved talking with them both about religion, politics, and economics. And then I changed. They didn't. They've been the same kind and supportive people who love learning as much as I do. Sometimes I forget that. I just stopped agreeing with their ideas on religion, politics, and even economics. I changed. They didn't. I focus on the things that they don't agree with me about. (I really am a narcissist.) I forget all the things on which I do still agree with them. Shame on me. We all still believe the glory of god is intelligence. We all still agree the kindness and love are what Jesus taught. We all still agree family is important and even the fundamental unit of society. We all still agree that my kids are the cutest and best of all their grandkids. And really, that's the most important.


Chantal said...

Very nice Charmaine. This is a perfect tribute to your family, I do love that even though we do not agree on somethings we do still get along so well and enjoy being together and living close. Your kids are super cute and your parents super rock!

Jenny Lynn said...

Thank you for this. I love you dearly. ❤️❤️💛💛