Sunday, September 04, 2011

Life Bombs

A couple of months ago a friend posted about a "life bomb" that had exploded in her life. Well, ditto. I've been MIA for awhile here because I had exactly that happen. A life bomb. More like my life was the bomb. My old life and my old me exploded and little bits were scattered everywhere. Can you imagine? I'm sure some of you have been there. It sucked. It sucked big time. I can honestly say that it was the hardest damn thing I have ever done. That's how hard it was. It deserves an expletive. Well, I've been slowly putting things back together and it turns out that a lot of the old stuff is just completely gone. I'm still trying to piece together a whole picture, and I'm far from finished, but as it turns out, I kind of like this new me and this new life better.


Erin said...

Life bombs really, really, REALLY suck when you are going through them, and for quite a long time afterward. But it sounds like in both my case and yours, after we started putting ourselves back together, we liked the outcome better than the person we were before.

Best of luck to you!!!

Jen Bear Baldwin said...

Hey for some reason I have never seen your blog before. Weird. I have been going through and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. You have to tell me how you do that. Love you! Now If I can only figure out how to follow you. The buttons are not always obvious to me.