Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Today is my dad's mom's birthday: Grammy. She's 22. She's been 22 for as long as I can remember. She's sort of fabulous. She's always got her hair done and makeup on. I can't remember ever seeing her without her pearly white painted finger nails. She's got a really beautiful wedding ring that my Grandaddy had custom-made for her. My mom has told me the story that Grammy wore a costume ring for years for her wedding ring and one day she lost it and was so upset about it. So for their anniversary or her birthday or some special occassion, Grandaddy got his wife a beautiful platinum and diamond ring to wear, custom-made to replicate that costume piece (that he had snuck off with to give to the jewelers to recreate). I bought a ring at a garage sale in Iowa that reminded me of it. Anyhow, I love my Grammy so much for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because I know she loves me so much. Every time I talk to her, she tells me that she loves me and my family and that she prays for us everyday. And I believe her. She's never forgotten a birthday of mine, my husband's, or my kids - even when I was younger and they were living over-seas or in South America, I would still get some sort of birthday wish. In fact, when they were living close by, she would take me shopping for my birthday. It seems like she did that all through high school even. I always felt pretty fancy going shopping up at Scottsdale Fashion Square back in the 80's and early 90's. She's really pretty musically talented too. She plays the piano beautifully and speaks French. Yes, my Grammy is just so très chic! I've been handed down a few of her things, like an old tiara (that I LOVE! It sits on my dresser), a couple silk scarves from France, and some of her crystal and silver - all of which I treasure! And even though I looked and looked, apparently my mom doesn't have any old pictures of Grammy travelling the world or anything, but just believe me, she's one hot lady!