Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Blonde Cousins

Last night my mom had her sisters and their husbands over for a Father's Day dinner with their dad. So she told me to get lost suggested that me and my kids might be happier if we found someway to occupy ourselves during that time. So we went to Chantal's house for dinner. Israel calls her kids "the blonde girls." It's pretty cute. Everyone played together quite nicely and Chantal and I even got to craft a little. That's pretty much what happens every single time any of us get together for any amount of time - we find some project to work on. So enjoy the pictures and here's the link to learn to make headbands yourself! Braided headband found via Rachel @ No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane.
Katie and Israel didn't use to play well together, but they were GREAT last night!
It's hard to get him to give me a straight face.
Katie, on the other hand, is a total poser. She makes super cute faces in every single picture!
Do you think Israel looks a little like Harrison Ford in this picture? Randal thought so. Which is pretty funny, because Israel talks all day long about Dr. Jones (Indian Jones).
This Susan. And she's wearing one of the head bands we made. She's pretty cute too. I think I need a little girl. Maybe I'll just steal one of my nieces!
Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine

Friday, June 11, 2010

Arizona... Finally!

So after we got the new truck and well rested, we took off from Gallup, New Mexico for the last leg of our journey. My mom and brother left with the moving van about an hour earlier than Randal and I did. Just before we drove into Heber, AZ (about 3 hours from my mom and dad's house) we got a call from my mom and brother. The SECOND Budget van had broken down. Yup, that's right, another breakdown and another day spent waiting. Five hours sitting on the side of the road, nearly 2 hours of being on hold, 1 diesel mechanic, 2 cops, and a sunburn later we were finally on our way again. And luckily, we finally made it home - AND without anymore problems!
My brother did try to work on the van himself, but even the mechanic had a hard time figuring out what needed to be done. It turned out to be a group effort and it still took them nearly an hour to get it running again.
Just outside of Payson, AZ. The mountains of northern Arizona are just beautiful! Randal and I honeymooned around here.
The Phoenix side of Payson, on the way down into The Valley of the Sun.
Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine