Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Quintessential Iowa Morning (For Me)

I went up to Gilbert (the little town north of Ames) this morning and visited my favorite store here in Iowa, JB Knacker. I try not to go very often because I know I'll spend too much money whenever I go, but this morning was the annual Gilbert garage sale Saturday, so I had to! I seriously love that store and I love the owner too! Brenda recognizes me every time I come in and I've only been in a handful of times, she great to talk to, and she's got some seriously great taste in antique and vintage stuff. I am really really going to miss JB Knacker when we leave.

I wasn't really planning on stopping at any of the garage sales - we got a late start that morning and I figured all the good stuff would already be gone, but they called to me and I just couldn't resist... So I got these:
I love them! They're so pretty! Anyhow, after that, the boys and I did my #2 favorite thing to to on Saturdays during the summer in Ames:
We got hamburgers from the Brat Shack in front of Cub Foods. This place honestly has the second best burgers in all of Ames (the very best hamburger is at The Cafe, in case you were wondering). And the people who run this thing are so great too!

So I'm trying to fit in as many Iowa things I can before we leave - well, in case we leave. Nothing is 100% decided yet.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine