Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

And all the boys want to do is play outside. Elijah has discovered how fun it is to slide. And Israel is just as crazy as ever. It's hard to get a cute picture of him cause he's hardly ever calm enough to get a picture, and when he is, he gets pose-y and ends up looking crazy. It's fun having a five year old now. Am I really old enough for a 5 year old? Yikes.

Some of you may be wondering about what's going on with our m&m... Well, we still don't know. We are definitely moving - we have to be out of our house by the end of May. We may end up staying here in Iowa, but our landlords wanted 60+ days notice on our renewal and we just couldn't give them that, so they gave us an ultimatum. So, no matter what we are moving. Ug. I hate moving.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine