Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Again...

Yes, again. I spent another Sunday in the ER. This time it was for dehydration. Poor guy was throwing up all day Sunday and couldn't keep anything down for more than a few moments. They did some blood tests, took a chest X-ray, gave him some Zofran, around 400ml of fluids, and some Ibuprofen. Well, long story short, after the pediatrician's follow up appointment today, they don't know what was wrong with him, but they said to watch him and if his fever or vomiting comes back or if his coughing gets worse then to bring him back in and that he should avoid milk and any heavy foods for a few days. Elijah did much better today though. He didn't throw up at all and his was much more animated, still not 100%, but at least not so lethargic. So, my goal for next weekend is no hospital visits! Wish me luck!

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine