Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Again...

Yes, again. I spent another Sunday in the ER. This time it was for dehydration. Poor guy was throwing up all day Sunday and couldn't keep anything down for more than a few moments. They did some blood tests, took a chest X-ray, gave him some Zofran, around 400ml of fluids, and some Ibuprofen. Well, long story short, after the pediatrician's follow up appointment today, they don't know what was wrong with him, but they said to watch him and if his fever or vomiting comes back or if his coughing gets worse then to bring him back in and that he should avoid milk and any heavy foods for a few days. Elijah did much better today though. He didn't throw up at all and his was much more animated, still not 100%, but at least not so lethargic. So, my goal for next weekend is no hospital visits! Wish me luck!

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need a Vacation

Last Sunday as I was getting ready for church, I heard a bang followed by a scream and then little footsteps running up the stairs. I came out to discover Elijah with blood pouring down his face. It freaked me out. So I grabbed him and ran after Israel to find out what happened. Randal (who was still in bed) heard my frantic cries and jumped out of bed to see what was happening. So while I was getting the story from Israel (a paper weight that was being thrown around shanked Elijah), Randal went to work comforting Elijah. But as such is my life, Randal, having gotten up too fast and being confronted by that much blood, began to feel faint. Looking back on it now, it's actually quite funny. Picture if you will, me trying to clean up Elijah and comfort Israel (who is totally freaking out), while Randal is holding Elijah and saying, "You need to take him, you need to take him right now - I think I'm going to faint. Oh no, I'm going to faint!" Well, I got Elijah in time for Randal to sit down and put his head between his knees. And I tried really hard not to giggle at him. Don't think I'm terrible for laughing at the situation though, Elijah was completely calm by this point. Israel and Randal were my top concerns by then. Anyhow, I did take Elijah to the emergency room, where an embarrassingly good-looking (and young!) doctor stitched him up. Elijah did so well through it all he actually fell asleep after the first stitch. But, of course we completely missed church.
Of course just that alone isn't enough to constitute the absolute need for a vacation. In addition to those lovely stitches, Elijah has been suffering from a cough and runny nose for the last week or so, and so today I finally took him to the doctor. Good news! He doesn't have pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, or any other repository infection, he does, however, have an ear infection. And to top it all off, when I just went downstairs, I discovered that my basement is flooded - and it's a disgusting mess too. So, please, all I ask is for a vacation, preferably someplace sunny and warm where I can just sit and read and not think about all of the work I have to do. And if it's not to much to ask, can I just leave my house and kids as they are and have someone else play homemaker and caretaker while I'm gone? Believe me, they could only go up from here.

And no, nothing that I talked about in my last post has been resolved.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine