Friday, October 16, 2009

It May Be Ironic, But...

I love cemeteries because they are like monumental living pieces of art - growing more beautiful with time. When I picked up my parents from the airport, I took a little more notice of the cemetery on the same street and thought to myself that I'd like to come back and spend some time there. So, when I was getting ready to take them back to the airport for their flight home, I grabbed my camera and thought, if the boys fall asleep, maybe I can take a little time. Well, they did - so I did. And now, I just want to do it again. Seriously, it's a gorgeous cemetery.
I was really loving the statues with the immortalized looks of love and compassion...
... and years of moss growth which created such beautiful textures and depth.
It was a cloudy day which just made these black and white shots perfect - not too many harsh shadows competing with the natural patina, which is gorgeous!
There were also many more mausolea (above ground tombs) than our cemetery here in Ames.
I happened upon this little head stone by accident. It had just been propped up against this tree. I don't know where it came from.
There were so many trees and hills in this cemetery. It wasn't even very big, but there was just so many tombs and headstones and monuments.
As with all cemeteries it was very peaceful and serene.
An especially endearing feature was this red brick road that twisted through part of the cemetery. As I was driving up this particular stretch of it I was struck by the beauty and charm of this winding uphill trail.

Really though, this cemetery was just so gorgeous.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine