Sunday, August 30, 2009

This summer has been amazing. We haven't had any flooding and only a few big storms (although I would not have minded more). But most importantly, I think there has only been two days of miserable heat and humidity. It's been humid. And for my Arizona acclimation, that can be pretty miserable sometimes, but for the most part this summer has been just incredible. Last week, we went to the park a few times. In fact, on Saturday, it was - dare I say it? - cold! It did get up to 71F by the afternoon, but still, I slept with my windows open and had a dream that it was snowing in August! I LOVED IT!
See? Even Elijah loves it. Israel loves it too. He loves it so much that he won't slow down for a picture.
Anyhow, one day at the park last week, we had a little friend come and visit us and talk to us for a little while. He even caught Elijah's attention.
He just cracked me up. He even continued chattering away to us even when I called Israel over to come see him. I think he was telling us how wonderful the weather has been!

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine