Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Independance Day!

The Fourth of July here in Ames was a rainy rainy rainy one. And cold. It started with a pancake breakfast, but I didn't take any pictures. It was too overcast. Then there was the parade. It was pretty fun, and rainy, and chilly. But I think I would take the cold rain over heat and humidity. But, when it was finally time for fireworks, all the clouds had rolled around and it was a perfect night! Overall, it was a great holiday! Here are some pictures of us watching the parade - under umbrellas:

On a side note, Randal taught the Young Women today about developing a love for the scriptures and also studying the scriptures for you - how everyone studies differently and that you need to figure out the way to do it so you get the most out of it. It was such an amazing lesson. I really love that guy. He's so dang smart. He said that afterward he heard a couple of the older girls talking about how deep the lesson was - how different and cool. Yeah, that's my man. Just thought I'd brag about him a little.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine