Friday, July 31, 2009

The First Fruits of My Labor

Truthfully though, it wasn't much labor. It's true what they say about Iowa dirt! So these (however out of focus they may be) were the first three tomatoes picked from my garden. These were picked a little over a week ago. Since then we have picked what has averaged to about a tomato a day. All little cherry tomatoes, but oh man. There is nothing like warm tomatoes eaten fresh off the vine. Although Israel loves them as much as I do so I have to fight for them. I imagine pretty soon we will have more than enough for both us though. I am going to have a hundred tomatoes I think. I planted 3 plants and there are dozens of tomatoes on each plant. I need to learn how to can salsa and spaghetti sauce I think. I can't wait! I've also got a couple of cucumbers that look like they will be ready this week. No peppers or squash yet though. Although I saw lot's of peppers and squash at the Farmer's Market this week and they were pretty cheap - so that will be good enough if I don't get any. I can't imagine though.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine