Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Was it Worth It Weekend

I think I may have overpaid for some of this weeks items, but I did talk the seller down to just two thirds of her asking price, but she was really really overpriced for a garage sale.
Packs of cards - one is photographs of a Dutch town - all black and whites. The others are prints of what I think may have originally been watercolors of St. Augstine, Florida - "The oldest city in the United States."
Antique printing press letters. I've been seeing a lot of these around. I've decided I'm going to start collecting them and put them in a big glass jar. I can't wait! (Feel free to send me any you have and don't want!)
A vintage tin snail. I had Israel with me and he wanted a toy and this little guy was so cute, I couldn't resist. I told Israel that he was very very old and that he needed to be careful with him so he didnt' break. Israel came home and told Randal, "This is very very old, you need to be careful so it won't break." It was pretty cute. All of that was $20, talked down from $30. Overpriced for a garage sale, but I felt like it was still a pretty good deal.
At another garage sale I found this antique book. I'm a sucker for an old book. The inside is full of poems and some neat pictures.
I especially love the inside covers. It's a very pretty design.
A vintage clutch and scarf. I really love the clutch - I used it tonight for a gathering of Randal's colleagues from school. And the scarf just says "The Pink Ladies" to me. The book and these two were a total of $5. This garage sale was much better priced.
And finally this cocktail ring, which reminds me of my Grammy (my dad's mom) and my mom at the same time. Grammy because her wedding ring is similar to this. And her's has a sweet story: For years my Grammy wore a piece of costume jewelry like this one as her wedding ring - I don't think her's was quite as gaudy, but the overall design was the same. Anyhow, one day she couldn't find it and was very upset. A few days later my Grandaddy (her honey) gave her a ring to replace the one she lost - only that he had actually taken her ring to a jeweler and had it replicated in platinum and diamonds! It's a gorgeous ring and I really really love it. So when I saw this one, I had to have it!
And it reminds me of my mom because it has little heart on either side of it and my mom loves hearts and looks for them everywhere. So at only a dollar it was a super find for me and my favorite piece of the weekend!

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine