Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This afternoon, Israel RAN upstairs SCREAMING. He was seriously freaking out. So I asked him what was going on. What follows is our conversation:

Israel: "There's a running thing downstairs!"

Me: "You mean a bug?"

Israel: "No, it was a running thing that went [insert boy noises while doing a running wiggling dance like motion]!"

Me: "Was a it a mouse?" (Please don't let it be a mouse!)

Israel: "No it was a wizard bug."

Me: "You mean a lizard bug?"

Israel: [in hushed tones] "No, it was a wizard bug."

A bug with super powers.
Just think of the night terrors I will have tonight. Have I mentioned how much I hate bugs? If not, this pretty much sums it up: A couple of times a year I have nightmares that are scary enough that I cry out in my sleep, or I just cry, or I scream, or I whimper, or I writhe, I have even jumped to the end of my bed before. Do I dream of people killing me or the ones I love? No. Do I dream of ghost or aliens or clowns? No. I dream of bugs. Any kind - including spiders and water bugs (crabs, lobsters, shrimp, etc.). Just writing this and thinking about it making my skin crawl.
And now I can add bugs with super powers.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine