Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Was It Worth It Weekend

My "Was It Worth It?" question involves driving 18 miles to go to a small flea market on a farm in the middle of corn fields and then driving 30 miles back to town and past it to go to a couple of thrift stores. The flea market was at a beautiful location but were the finds worth the drives?
These are some of the flea market finds. A black wooden bowl on a pedestal...
a vintage recipe box FILLED with recipes! It was a only a dollar and is quite possibly my favorite find of the day. Some recipes are handwritten (just a couple have names on them), some are cut out from newspapers and magazine - like Woman's Day. Lot's of fun stuff!!
I love these pretty little spoons. I bought them just for that one on top.
I've decided I am going to start gathering vintage Pyrex refrigerator glass - and I'm actually going to use it!
These antique door plates are copper and iron (I think). I'm going to get some pretty doorknobs and make some coat hangers for the wall by my front door.
This quilt was found at a garage sale that I stopped at on my way to the flea market. It's not quilted, just tied. But I love the worn edges and bright colors. And at 50 cents - let me repeat that, 50 CENTS! - it was a super find!
This cake plate, cut milk glass bowl, and tea cup and saucer were found at thrift stores in Boone, IA. Has anyone else noticed that The Salvation Army is always priced better than Goodwill? I'ts pretty consistent around here. I have to say I miss Savers and Deseret Industries in Phoenix though. Anyway, back on topic...
I also found these collapsible baskets at the thrift stores. I think they are probably for collecting eggs (having never actually collected eggs I can't be sure), but I'm going to use them to collect veggies from my garden this summer!

So, was the 40+ miles of driving worth it? (I think so!)

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine