Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another Was It Worth It Weekend

8 Vintage handkerchiefs. So lovely. I love the bright colors. And I couple of them have fabulous scalloped edges. I can't decide if I want to carry them around with me and use them or display them or put them in a little box in my guest room for a little surprise.
Some fun antique photography. I'm going to scan them and use them as ephemera and then put them in picture frames around my guest room. I love the ones of the children. So sweet.
I bought a grab bag that had these mail-order things in it (the apron pattern was separate). One of these days I'll get ambitious and make some aprons from that super cute pattern.
Inside of that Montgomery Ward package are these buttons that say "Fresh Water Pearls" on the bottom of the card. The buttons are very pretty and I love the packaging.
Originally I fell in love with the suitcase/carrier for this old sewing machine. But then I remembered that a friend of mine told me that the all metal sewing machines were really good and that they last forever. So because the girl I bought it from told me it still works, I figured for $3 it would be a good back-up machine and the case is just so cute! That fabric in the background is 4 1/2 yards of vintage fabric that I got for only 2 dollars!
This Pottery Barn quilt with one side silk and the other velvet was a steal at only $5!!!
This pretty luggage was one of the last things I bought. It was at the end of the day and she was ready to close up so I got them for $2.50!

I love this.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine


mindy said...

What treasures! I have like 3 weeks of yard saling to catch up on! (post wise) I think the hankies are DARLING! You can always frame them for a splash of color in any room. Great deals!!!!

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Linda said...

All of it is wonderful!!

I am particularly drawn to the antique photos as I always think about who these people were. And as one who doesn't have a lot of historical photos on our family, I always wonder if some of our old photos are in an antique store, or bought by someone else. All of my Dad's siblings are long deceased and any old photos they had were either tossed in the garbage or sold at estate sales, and the rest of his family never immigrated here from Poland/Germany. Once an old envelope turned up on eBay and I bought it (yes, just an envelope) because it happened to be addressed to my Great-Uncle in Chicago from the family back in Poland in early 1920's, before they were cut off from the war time.

kelly mccaleb said...

wow!!! great finds!