Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Domestic Diva - Yup, That's Me!

If you've never made freezer jam, now's the time! And if you have, then you can join my domestic diva club. Really, it's just me. But freezer jam is really easy and all the directions are in the pectin box. But in case you are a more visual person, this is the post for you!
First you'll need strawberries, sugar, pectin, and jars. It's super easy!
First, cut the stems off your strawberries and put them on a cookie sheet.
Then using a potato masher, mush up all the strawberries. So easy!
Then measure out the strawberries into a bowl - I like square ones because the have a built in spout. Then add sugar and the pectin prepared according to the recipe in the box. And stir, stir, stir.
Then put 1 cup of jam mixture into an 8 ounce jar. Invest in a jar funnel! It will make your life so easy! 4 cups of strawberries, 8 cups of sugar, and two yellow boxes of Sure-Jell pectin will fill 12 8-oz jars.
Then put the lids on and freeze. So yummy!! I particularly love it on fresh baked bread, toast in the morning, and english muffins. Randal likes it on PB&Js with almond butter.


Kristina P. said...

I love strawberry freezer jam. I did have a bit of a hard time last year, when I was attempting to triple it, and my measurements were off. It also didn't make as much as I had hoped.

Candice said...

I love how easy freezer jam is to make. I made a low-sugar batch last week- I would not recommend it. I am going to stick to the full strength stuff from now on.

Have you seen the plastic freezer containers that Ball makes? They are great if you are prone to breaking things like I am!

Caryn said...

Oh my goodness, you are the domestic diva! Your mother must have trained you up right to make jam and all. Hey, I am going on a photo shoot to D.C. this weekend to take engagement shots of my daughter and her fiance. Have you got any cool engagement photo ideas? I used to do them often, but since I started teaching fulltime, I have stopped doing so many shoots. Any cool blogs I should check out for ideas? Thanks!

Schatz said...

Freezer yummy!

Do you ever can? You know, get your Mormon on?

Erin said...

I made strawberry freezer jam yesterday, but I must not have boiled the pectin long enough, because I now have six bottles of strawberry syrup. Boo hoo.

mindy said...

You are a Diva, period. Not just at domesticity!

Susan (Mommy) said...

One more reason to come visit the Figgins!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Okay, this looks too good and fun to pass up..... I'm going for it.... I'm seeing summer project with the kids... Thank you!


Erica said...

It looks really and soo good Imma have to try it out maybe I have discovered this year's christmas gifts. :)

Mommy24cs said...

Homemade Jams and Jellies are the best. I make one that I call candy apple jelly. It's made from apple juice and cinnamon red hots. My kids loooove it and so do I :o) It's best on toast!

Ginger said...

mmmm.. I am SO copying this idea!