Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Mom Logic

Growing up, my parents taught me by example. They were in love and always tried to do their very best. They weren't perfect, but as an adult that has been the most defining characteristic that made them the perfect example of good parents.

My mom and I spoke different languages when I was a teenager. In fact, we still speak different languages, but we've learned enough of the other's that we can communicate pretty effectively. In fact, we're even friends. Good friends. But when I was growing up things were hard. (As they are for most during those painful adolescent years.) Yet somehow I grew up to be a confident and happy adult. Really happy. My mom (and dad) did something right - really right. Even though there were a lot of fights and a lot of threats to run away from home, I always knew that my mom had my back, that she loved me. I was a pretty obedient kid. I never got into any big trouble and my rebellious years? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but they involved watching "bad"movies, like Braveheart and Jerry McGuire.

I hope as a mom myself that I can teach my sons that being the best version of who you are, flaws and all, is the most important thing in life. And that embracing who are are and truly loving yourself will only make you a better contributor to your family, your community and society as a whole.

Being me is fun.
Being the best me is divine.
My mom logic is to teach that to my kids.
Just like my mommy taught me.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine


fidget said...

it's a good lesson to both learn and teach!

Jenny Lynn said...

very sweet, just imagine my pregnant self right now...


Sharla said...

Great post! I absolutely LOVE reading what everyone came up with!

Kelly's Ideas said...

I am so glad I ran across your blog..I just wrote about my language barriers with my own soon to be teenage daughter and I am having major flashbacks of junior high...oh my.. Loved reading your blog and will visit again.

Tijir said...

I have had the same journey with my dad. As we get older we get closer. My mother and I have always been close.

Thanks for sharing, it brought out some memories.

Tamra said...

Stopping by from Mom Logic.

I love that you said this "being the best version of who you are, flaws and all, is the most important thing in life". Go with that philosophy and you'll turn out some great kids yourself. :)

Susan (Mommy) said...

Daddy keeps calling me so I have to hurry up and go help him, but, I wanted to say...You are a wonderful daughter as are your sisters. I think you are pretty great and I think the real reason that you are just fine is because no matter how bad it was we could always laugh at ourselves and we never stayed mad long. Remember the bagels and the "Don't worry, be happy" song? I still laugh with a tear in my eye when I think of that!

Carolee said...

You may have been from different "worlds", but love is a common ground that keeps your worlds connected.

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