Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things: Recycled Edition

I can't remember which post it was, but somebody asked for more pictures from stuff around my house (it must have been the Why I Do Fancy Things post). And because there are tons of things I love around my house, I thought I would do a series on my favorite things and show you some different stuff and why I love it. So, here you are, this first one is all about things recycled, found second hand, and loved into something wonderful and new.


This Hebrew Bible my mom bought for me a couple of years ago (on ebay - she LOVES ebay). And I love everything about this from the tin detailed cover and inlaid turquoise to the crown adornment on the front cover and display stand.


These are some of my vintage books. I love to read and I love things with a story and history and loved and used. The first stack of books are a collection of favorites - either writings or they way the book looked. The second stack is of Hebrew books. When a lady at church found out I read Hebrew, she passed these along to me. They are written in modern Hebrew, and at the time I was studying ancient Hebrew. So, while I probably could have understood most of it, I never actually tried. I was just too busy with school and a social life. Now, they're a good conversation piece and give me the opportunity to brag a little about how I used to know Hebrew. Sometimes people are even impressed!


I just found this pretty little thing at The Salvation Army store in Ankeny, IA. I was pretty excited and now I can't wait to use it!


Do you remember the bowl on the right from the fruit arrangements? Well, I was at the antique store on Main Street here in Ames and found it's big sister - for only 5 dollars I might add!! I was so excited!!!


How many of you have acrylic grapes from the sixties and seventies? My mom has about a dozen of them in every single color you can think of. She bought most of them on ebay. She's even got a couple of sets from my grandmothers. This set came from Savers in Glendale, AZ. I miss that place.


I found this lovely little jar in the same trip I found the green bowl. I'm going to paint it all Shabby Chic and put jewelry in it. I can't wait.


I found this 4 strand necklace in that same antique store. It's absolutely divine and I can't wait to wear it to church on Sunday. (It was only $8!!)


Sorry, you only get the bottom of these giant candlesticks, but here is another picture of them from when we first moved in. I love these huge candle sticks. I got them at a garage sale in Peoria, AZ. I think they were $10 for the set.


I'm always surprised when I get a comment about these shelves. I thought they were so ugly when I first took them home from the office I worked at in Salt Lake City (they moved offices and got all new furniture so were giving away the old stuff, we needed more bookshelves so this was merely functional for us.) When we moved to AZ and had more room in our bedroom, we moved this in to be used like a dresser. When I found these baskets that fit perfectly, all of the sudden I didn't hate the shelves anymore. Of course I could only find 3 baskets in all of the Phoenix metro though. The darker one was a wedding gift. Anyhow, now the shelves sit in our family room and hold music books, toys, VHS tapes, and video game controllers. I really love these shelves and baskets, but I kind of have a thing for baskets in general.


Randal brought this old hymnal with him when we got married. The brass music stand is from my parent's house. I wish I had a better place to display this though.


Ahh, the pedestalled bowl that started it all. This wasn't recycled, it was Christmas gift from a friend, although I guess it could have been a wedding re-gift, but I doubt it and I don't care anyway. I LOVE IT! (And I love the friend that gave it to me. The jeweled fruit inside it is recycled though. I found them at second hand stores in and around Phoenix and I think some may have come from my mom's house too.


This little cutie has a special story. One day, I went to Sam's Club in Glendale, AZ and saw this little guy sitting in the parking lot. I was tempted to stick it in my trunk, but thought somebody might come back for it. Well, when I came back out to my car after my shopping was done (nearly an hour later), it was still there so I figured it was meant to be. The leg had come off, but it was so easy to fix it's hardly worth mentioning. The drawer sticks a little, but considering it was free, I love it. Although, I would love it anyway.
The box sitting on top was a birthday gift from my grandmother. She said it was her mother's. Inside are a bunch of her watches (my grandmother's, not her mother's).
The lamp was in my room as a child. My sister has the match.


Remember my love of baskets. I don't think I have ever bought a basket that wasn't at least half off or second hand. This one came from Savers in Glendale, AZ - I think - and I think it was $4. If you don't quite get the perspective of the size of this beauty, the bears inside are all LARGE bears, and it's sitting next to our regular sized fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "A Few of My Favorite Things." Please tune in next time for all things inherited.

Hugs & Kisses from Charmaine

PS - Are they any super fab recycled things you have laying around your place? Tell me about it, or leave the link and I'll create a list here at the bottom.


Kristina P. said...

You have some really great, eclectic pieces! I really like that black shelving unit.

Rae Ann said...

What a fun collection. I may have to borrow your idea for my blog!

Jenny Lynn said...

I love it all!!

Schatz said...

Please explain the money on the tree?! what is that. See, I knew money grew on trees ;)

But really, please do tell do tell do tell??

Brittany said...

I was the one that asked to see your fun things! I love seeing other people's decorations, etc. LOVE THEM! I'll have to check around my house and see what I can find...

Susan (Mommy) said...

Wow! You are freaking me out, everything looks so clean!!!!

Candice said...

You inspire me to want to shop at thrift stores. I think that I might have to start!

And I am impressed that you can read Hebrew. Our Girl's Camp has a mission theme this year, and our country is Israel. We are learning I am a Child of God in Hebrew. Not easy!

Charmaine said...

Thanks everyone! And about the money tree - every year my dad's mom (Grammy) gives us money for Christmas, but she makes fun things out of them, every other one I took apart and spent the cash, but my Grandaddy told me that if I watered the tree that it would grow. Well, it hasn't grown yet and one of these days I'm going to call him on it! :)