Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weather in Iowa

When we moved here, we heard this phrase alot:  "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."  It's pretty close.  Remember the 70 degree day?  The high that day was actually 71.  That was Thursday.  Friday it cooled down a little and the clouds rolled in.  Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, we had a thunder and lightening storm.  It was pretty cool.  Remember when I couldn't sleep?  I was being entertained by the lightening so it was pretty cool.  It rained pretty much all day Saturday and this morning it was still raining when we left for church.  By the time church was done it was snowing.  Hard.  It was so stinkin' cool.  There were these giant snowflakes coming down.  They looked more like loose snowballs, they were so huge.  Anyway, it was really fun for a 3 (almost 4!) year-old to run around in.  You can see the giant snowflakes/loose snowballs on his head and sweater.  Seriously, so cool.

PS - Have I mentioned before how much I hate Daylight Savings?  Pretty much the dumbest idea ever.  So, for those of you in AZ (one of the only two smart states in the US) we are now 2 hours ahead of you.  

And can anyone tell me why my phone alarm went off at 7:50am instead of 6:50am like it was set.  Seriously.  It's like my phone didn't calculate for Daylight Savings, even though the alarm said 6:50am and my phone did the whole "Spring Forward" thing for Daylight Suckings.  I think when I set the alarm last night it said to it's self, "OK, 6:50am.  That's [however many] hours from now.  I can do that."  But it wasn't smart enough to remember that it switched an hour ahead, so it actually had to subtract one hour.  See?  It makes perfect sense to us regular organic human brains, but digital computer brains?  No.  Instead I miss my 7:30am meeting!  Did I mention how much I dislike Daylight Savings?


Kristina P. said...

I do love Daylight Savings when we fall back! And it is nice to have it light later, especially since I work until 8 PM.

Charmaine said...

Yeah, the "Fall Back" ain't too bad, but I'm not sure if it's worth the "Spring Forward."

Susan (Mommy) said...

We here in AZ love to just remain stable, and reliable. Who needs to change the time it is really the same anyway. I don't understand why people who want an extra hour of sunlight just don't get up an hour earier. Duh.

Schatz said...

3 things

1. love your cute babies

2. love your amazing pictues

3. loved your post on your c.shouts blog...i have more thoughts that I am still gathering together...and I am now in a hurry to read Atlas Shrugged. You reading the Fountainhead yet?

oh, and 4. love to you and yours