Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Lucky Blue

I opened an Etsy shop:
It's' all about Photoshop and design.

Because we all take great pictures, right?  But cameras aren't quite as accurate as our eyes.

That's where the beauty of Photoshop comes in.  Photoshop (in the hands of someone fabulous like me) can make all your photography dreams come true.  It's true!

For a small fee, I can fix your photos, retouch them, or enhance them - or do all three!  Then your photo reflects all the love and beauty you see in your subjects!

And in honor of my grand readers and magnificent opening (or is that magnificent readers and grand opening?) I'm offering a 30% discount for the first 30 days!  Just mention that you read my blog (or that you absolutely love and adore me!) in the comments when you check out and I will either send you a new invoice with the discount applied or refund your money through paypal.

And that discount doesn't just apply to the photo stuff, but to everything!  From logo design:
To letterhead design:

Business cards and banners (internet or printed)
Any thing your creative mind can think of, my able skills can create!
Even tags and labels!
Plus there's some fun stuff too, like turning your autograph digital!
Think of the possibilities!

So, head on over and give it a look!  And if you don't see a listing for something that you think I could help you with, send me a message and I'll custom create whatever you want!

And don't forget to mention you read my blog (or love and adore me!) for a 30% discount for the next 30 days!

(And for any of you marketing/business geniuses out there, feel free to give me any feedback/advice you think I need!)


Lorie said...

Great job!

Jennie said...

Looks good! Wishing you luck on your new little biz!

Caryn said...

Excellent photos and edits. I see you are an addict. Alas, I wonder how much time we have spent in Photoshop in the past year? Can you even imagine how that would add up. Scary! Keep up the great work. It is fun to see your logos too. Good luck with the etsy site. :)

Susan (Mommy) said...