Friday, March 06, 2009


Let me tell you why this week was absolutely marvelous...  Well, first of all, Wednesday was the first of two gloriously warm days.  So, playgroup headed to the park. 

I still had to bundle little Elijah all up.  It was pretty windy, so it did get chilly.  And have I mentioned how fast this little guy is growing?  Not even 6 months yet, and he has already outgrown all his 3-6 months stuff and of course, none of Israel's old 6-9 month stuff is appropriate for chilly weather, and Wal-Mart and Target have out summer stuff already.  Grrr...  He fits into 12 months stuff, but I'm telling you, Arizona and Iowa are WAAAY different.  Israel really did not have hardly any clothes for chilly weather.  Anyway....

Thursday, the high was 70!  It was warm outside!  Yeah, yeah you people in AZ are just laughing at me.  I know.  But I did what any good AZ girl would do:

I broke out the flip flops and poorly painted fuschia toes so Elijah and I could go pick up Israel from preschool, which is just around the corner.  It was such a beautiful walk!

Elijah was just so content.  I love this guy.  By the way, he slept until 10 this morning!!  Of course, he was up until 11 last night, but he just sat and watched TV with Randal and I.  That's another reason why this week has been marvelous.

I love this.  The kids just abandoned their heavy winter coats and backpacks and climbed up in the trees.  They were so funny when we walked by talking to us about what a nice day it was.  Israel wanted to stop and play with them, but he was in his pajamas:

Yeah, it was pajama party day at preschool.  The kids and teachers all wore their pajamas and brought their favorite teddy bears and stuffed animals.  (PS - Jenny, Israel brought his giant snake that Lacy gave him for his birthday last year.  Apparently he was a big hit!)

Aww...  I was just thinking on Sunday that it had been awhile since the last time Randal bought me flowers.  Lo and behold, when I got back from picking Israel up at preschool on Tuesday, these beautiful and fragrant daffodils were on my coffee table (and the trash had been taken out!) courtesy of my sweetie.  I love that guy.

And this is just a random picture that I have been meaning to take of the coolest tree in all of Ames.  It is huge and is on a really busy corner right by the University.  When all the leaves fell off, it revealed this awesome white bark.  The tree totally stands out against all the regular dark trees behind it.  One of these days I am going to park and get out and take a whole bunch of pictures of it.  It may not happen until next fall though.  I hope it sticks around.


Jennie said...

We finally had that warm weather come our way today! Hip hip hooray! We spent all afternoon outdoor! I couldn't get enough of it. I'm so done with winter!

Cute pics of the kids in the tree, just being kids. Love the pics of Elijah too, what a sweetie.

When we moved here I had to buy a bunch of winter wardrobe for the entire family, we didn't have hardly anything that would keep us as warm as we would need!

Amy said...

You are an awesome photographer. You get that twinkle in Elijah's eyes. Love the picture.

I wish the weather where I am at was a nice 70 degree. We're still in the 40s. I'll be sporting some flip flops too. I can't wait!!!

Brittany said...

70?! I've been dancing with glee because it was in the low 40's this week - that's flip flop weather here! ;) Those pics of Elijah are fantastic. LOVE THEM! What a doll.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Gotta love those beautiful days and blue eyes.