Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Wrong With Me???

Remember the hives I posted about?  Well, I don't think they were hives.  It was my head that was itching so bad, so I just assumed that it was something like hives.  I couldn't see any bumps because of my hair.  And before you start freaking it out - it's not lice either!  I made Randal check.  (I was totally freaking out.)  So...  I don't think it's hives because the itching has spread.  I itch all over including my armpits, the inside of my wrists, my ears, in between my fingers, and the back of my knees.  It is making me crazy!!!  I took a shower and throughly washed everything off of my body and hair.  I used the soap that I have been using the past month or so (and that I have used often in the past - Caress Original).  I have rubbed my whole body in the lotion I regularly use (Jergen's Original Scent) and didn't use any product in my hair - just olive oil applied directly to my scalp and into my hair, and I didn't blow dry or use a brush on it.  But I still itch!  I have applied and reapplied the lotion, but I still itch!  

Luckily it's only one place at a time...  then it will migrate somewhere else.  So at least my whole body doesn't itch at the same time.  Right now it's my chest and armpits...  although I think I feel my ears coming on.  Somebody tell me what this is!!!  I haven't changed my diet recently (that I can think of) so I don't think it's an allergic reaction.  I'm pretty sure it's not dry skin because I've been staying good and hydrated, plus the weather wasn't that arid this week.  

I've been googling stuff online (because I don't want to be a wuss and go to the doctor only to be told I need to hydrate better - yet) and a couple of sites have mentioned apple cider vinegar - drinking it and bathing in it, baking soda - bathing in it and applying it as a paste, honey - applying it, tea tree oil - applying it, and witch hazel - which I've tried.  

Last night, I just laid in bed as still as I could and kept repeating in my mind, "Mind over matter.  It's all in your head.  There is no itch."  Eventually I fell asleep, but I wanted to itch the whole time.  I think my mantra worked more like counting sheep than actually taking the itch away.  And within minutes of waking up, the itch was back.  It does seem to lessen if I am doing something physical, like exercising.  But just sitting here checking email, blogging, and reading news, I am dying!  

Please tell me somebody has had some severe itching which seems to have no apparent cause and has cured it.  I need something - I am going crazy!!  


Kristina P. said...

I have only had hives once in my life, and they were horrible! I hope you find the cure!

Jenny Lynn said...

sounds EXACTLY what I went through right after I had Hugo and it WAS an allergic reaction. Their best guess was that it was to medication and that was after taking it for about 3 weeks. (and I had taken it for months and months before being prego). I guess the meds mixed with new hormones or something. I wouldn't rule out that- you taking any new medication in the last month or so? They told me it could take that long sometimes for your body to react

Jennie said...

Trevor just looked up a side effect to your Phentermine pills (because that's what came to my mind that could be causing this). Here's what the med dictionary says about side effects:

"Common reactions-(among many that it lists is)...urticaria" which means hives, itching, etc. So although you may have been on this pill before without any side effects, it could be that post pregnancy, or what have are now allergic.

You should talk to you Dr. to be sure. Good luck and I'm so sorry!

Dianna said...

Hi-This is Andrea Frost's mom, I love your blog. About your itching, you should see your MD, but in the mean time you could consider the over the counter med-benadryl, oatmeal baths or aveno lotion. Itching like that could mean that your body is ridding itself of something. Good luck.

Schatz said...

Girl, go take some poor thing!!!

Kamala Crockett said...

Man that sounds awful! Thanks for pointing out I only tagged 5 people! So I didn't see the part about tagging 6 people... my bad. Yes, it is super cool that we have stayed in touch! Fun fun! I love reading up on ALL your blogs! My goodness you are the Queen of Blogs!! We are off to 6 Flags in about 6 hours so I need to go to bed!! Have fun!!

Susan (Mommy) said...

I don't want to freak you out but Logan's mom itched like crazy and so did Bonnie Pulley. Bonnie also drank apple cider vin. for some reason. Go to your Dr. if it doesn't stop or comes back!