Monday, February 02, 2009

The Superbowl... hmmm, maybe not...

So, I thought I would blog about the awesome Superbowl party we had at the Smith's house, and that Marvin made The Bacon Explosion (if you haven't heard of this, you've been living in a hole - Google it!).  But I won't.  It's been done already.

Instead I will just give you all this lovely little reminder:  My birthday is in just 3 short days - February 5th to be exact.  I was going to post what my horoscope says for this week, but I don't like any of them...  So, I will just make one up and send that out into the universe.  How's that for projection?

This week looks to be a good one!  Your planets are aligned and everything seems to go your way.  But watch out for attack turtles on the 4th - dodge them all and you may find a bit of good luck coming your way.  The 5th seems to be an especially good day with lot's of friends (bloggy or otherwise) wanting to get in touch with you.  Just sit back and bathe in the love and adoration.  
In your love life, expect lots of love and affection - more specifically in the way of pampering.  Don't be surprised if your special someone offers you a foot rub or even full body massage.  Be sure to keep those massage oils close at hand!  It seems as though everyone wants to give give give when it comes to what you want and desire.  
In all things home and family, watch out that you don't get too accustomed to rest and relaxation, because chances are this stretch of everything just getting done on it's own won't last for long.  
Especially creative days are Friday and Saturday.  Do something involving color and get those water thoughts and creative juices flowing.  You'll be rewarded and full of energy.
Mars and Venus seem to have collaborated with the people on the moon (hehe, just had to stick that in there!) in your favor.  This week will be an especially productive week for all things health related.  When Mars, Venus, and those Lunatics (you know, Lunar people) combine their forces in your behalf, you can bet those few pounds you've been working on will just melt away.  Lucky you!  
Overall, this week, is YOUR week.  Take full advantage and be rewarded.  It's seems it truly is the Age of Aquarius!


Kristina P. said...

DOne already?!? Where? I need to hear about this bacon explosion!!

Amy said...

Looks like I have some googling to do.

Check your horoscope on your exact birthday. Those ones are fuller in length and are amusing.

Tracey said...

I love the horoscope that you wrote. I think I'll start writing my own too:) Happy birthday! I hope that you are treated like a queen by all the men in your life;)