Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Understand Me II

Do you like personality tests?  Yeah, so do we.  Well, let me introduce you to the grandaddy of them all:  Please Understand Me II.  When Randal was doing his Master's degree, he studied a lot about personality types and learning styles and discovered this book.  I kind of wish we would have had this when we very first got married - or even before we got married (not that it would have changed wether or not we got married, but it would have made our communication with each other so much better).

For example, did you know that Randal and I are both oldest children?  Oh yeah.  We have butted heads a lot.  And according to this book, Randal is a Field Marshall (ENTJ).  Otherwise known as "the leaders of leaders" or "superleaders."  "Intellectually, they are prone to practice strategy far more than diplomacy, tactics, and especially logistics."  He receives fulfillment by directing others and seeing his directions carried out and improving surroundings or environments.  Whereas I am a Champion (ENFP).  A champion of causes.  I get excited about things and want to draw others to my cause - whatever it may be at the time. "Intellectually, they are prone to practice diplomacy for more than strategy, logistics, and especially tactics."  We are known to be "fiercely independent, repudiating any kind of subordination, either in themselves or others..."  So, you can see some of the conflicts that could come up between us.  But, since Randal has studied this book - and gotten me to read some of it too, we have learned how to better communicate with one another (and all the other people we come in contact with).  You and your spouse may not need help communicating, but this is a fun book to learn more about personalities and more about communicating better with all kinds of people.

So, if you like personality tests - or if you want to improve your relationship - or if you just want to improve the way you communicate and interact with those around you, I highly recommend this book.  


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that sounds very similar to me and Adam. We are both the oldest as well.

A Frost said...

I love personality test!!! The Meyers Brigg is my favorite so I will have to check out that book. Remember Randall Flake from institute council? He is in my ward in Texas. I have not re-met him yet but when someone found out I was from AZ they asked me if I knew him... crazy huh!!

Deb said...

Love the Meyers Brigg and after talking to Randall about this book I went looking for it at Borders. No luck. Guess I'll have to get it online.