Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's hard being fabulous

Actually, it's not.  [*wink, wink*]  And actually, that has nothing to do with this post, I just didn't want to do a cliche "Happy Valentine's Day" title.  Although, I do hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!  Mine lasted almost all week!  Who knew having kids would do that?  Israel had two Valentine's parties this week, one at play group, and one at preschool:

The one at preschool was pretty cute.  The kids sang songs and recited Valentine's poems.  And wouldn't you know it, my kid is the absolutely cutest kid in the class.  And the quietest one too. Strange.  Anyway, it was fun to be able to see what goes on at preschool.  Approved.  

Earlier that day, I bought my Valentine's gift to myself(and birthday and Christmas and anniversary - I've been saving my gift receiving and cash gifts for awhile).  I got a Wii and a Wii Fit.  OK, we had a Wii once before and Randal decided that he wanted an XBox 360 instead.  So he returned the Wii.  Well, when we moved here knowing the kind of winters we would have, I really wanted something Israel and I could do inside to expend some energy and have some fun.  So I have been asking for a Wii for months now.  Finally, I got it.  And let me tell you, I was shocked at the quality of workout you can get with that thing.  Granted, it's probably not as good as going on and jogging for real, but my AZ blood and lungs and sinuses can't take below freezing temperatures and belonging to a gym is kind of a waste of money for me because it's too hard to load and unload the kids and then after to get ready for the day - we're talking like 3+ hours sometimes.  Not a big motivator.  Anyway, back to the Wii.  I love it!!  In fact, that's what I wanted for Valentine's - just to play video games with Randal.  It was a lot of fun, and just so you know, I kick butt at Hula Hoop and stepping and the table and marbles game, but Randal kicks butt at everything else, including all the Wii Sports games.  Of course all that game playing happened after I gave Randal his present:

Letting him sleep in.  After my games, he went back to his game - WoW.  That night we had friends over and played Settlers of Catan and ate guacamole, bean dip, toasted coconut macaroons (I think they were macaroons, what do I know?), and a to die for caramelized onion and garlic dip.  Oh that stuff was heavenly.  I still have onion breath from it.  (Well, not really, but I did until I went to bed, luckily I didn't wake up with it though.)

After our friends went home, we went downstairs and watched a little tv and then off to bed.  Overall, not a bad V-day.

This is Israel mad because I am taking pictures and not playing Wii with him.  Turkey.  He really like the running game and boxing.  And he likes to watch us make fools of ourselves doing the Hula Hoop.

In other news:  Elijah has started on solid foods (and the constipation has come back, although we're working on that one.)

So far he likes carrots and green beans, but not peas.  He also prefers rice cereal over baby oatmeal.  But, we're trying to cut out the rice cereal (you know, the constipation).

And thanks everyone for the itching suggestions.  I drank some apple cider vinegar - about a teaspoon or two in a cup of water and the itching went away within about 20 minutes, but it was back after only a few hours.  So I've also been moisturizing with straight olive oil.  The combination of the two seems to really be helping a lot.  The itching isn't gone, but it's not nearly as bad as it was - hooray!

And have I mentioned recently that my brother is single and looking?  I'm serious.  If you have any daughters or sisters or friends you think would like him, let me know!  He's a great catch, plus, she'll get me as a sister-in-law.  And I'm a great sister-in-law.  Just ask her.   Or her.  Or her.  And you have to check out this post - it's his potential date questionnaire and I think it's genius!!!!


Amy said...

I've been wanting a Wii fit forever. They are so fun. I'm glad that you guys got one and use it as a family activity.

I love Israel's expression. That is classic. I also like his haircut. He's so cute.

Jennie said...

I would so love to play Wii with you! That sounds like so much fun! I love Israel's face, such a cute pouter.

I'm glad your itching is better!

Your bro is hilarious! What an award!