Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let me introduce you to my new favorite game: "The Game of Things"
Here, I'll even play a game with you.  Can you guess who said these?  Feel free to come up with your own answers.  You can even post them in the comments!

"Things that don't get done when you are sick more than half of you vacation."

- Shopping at IKEA
- Shopping at Saver's and other second hand stores
- A meal at Pei Wei
- A meal at The Spaghetti Factory
- Lot's of crafts
- All that exercise you swore you'd do since you would have someone right there to walk with you in the mornings, not to mention the beautiful weather
- Losing 5 pounds due to all that wonderful exercise
- Having a meal with your old roommates
-  Going to Chuck E. Cheese with all the kids
- Having a play date with all your cousins

"Things you do when you are trapped overnight in Dallas due to a missed connecting flight."

- Wait in the cold with no jacket (because you can only access your carry-on bags and you thought that it would be too much of a hassle to carry around your big jack, after all it was 67 degrees when you left Phoenix) for the hotel shuttle to come get you
- Walk to Denny's for dinner
- Use up every last penny from the $30 dinner voucher the airlines gave you by getting dessert (Oreo milksahke and sundae)
-Watch Gladiator on the super nice flat screen tv in the hotel room
-Feel not so bad about being stuck in Dallas because there is a blizzard in Iowa dumping about a foot of snow in Ames

"Things you do on your first day home after said vacation."

- Give your Macbook a big hug and apologize for forgetting it and leaving it home
- Take your son to his first day of preschool (see below)
- Go grocery shopping
- Go to Target for their awesome 30% off all clearance prices sale and get two sweaters, a pair of snow pants, a pair of wicked cool little guy snow gloves with skulls on them, a super cute pair of shoes, a jacket, a t-shirt, and a pretty little sweater skirt for when you lose 10 lbs. (why do you do that?) all for under $30!
- Catch up on DVR shows
- Blog

"Things you feel when your first born starts school for the first time.

- Excitement (he'll love it and I'll get so much done!)
- Pride (what a good little guy)
- Relief (he won't be behind when he starts kindergarten!)
- Fear (?)
- Surprise (where did that fear come from?)
- A little sad (he's not the baby anymore)

PS - I wrote all of them!  :)


Jenny Lynn said...

things you love more than the games things

-your favorite sister jenny
-the awesome person who introduced you to the game things
-writing in your journal about how much you love jenny
-calling jenny and telling her you made it home safely

Chantal said...

Things you love about your sisters.
-shopping pals
-shoulder to cry on
-helping hand
-crafting friend
-super contagious diarrhea

I wanted to do more during my Az visit also. What happened to the crafts?