Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping and Dining in Phoenix

One of the things that I was most looking forward to when we got to Phoenix was the dining and the shopping. What more can I say? I'm a girl who loves her clothes and accessories and food. Mmm mmm.

A HUMONGOUS used bookstore. There a couple in the Phoenix metro area, but this one went to is on Country Club, north of Southern. I would say it is one of Randal's favorite stores. Besides books though, there are also electronics, CDs and DVDs, comic books, and even some home decor items. This time around we got four books - we got out of there easy this time.

Top Shelf Mexican Food
We actually had dinner here before we went to Bookmans. Also a chain. The one we went to tonight was on Southern and Dobson - right across from MCC. It's pretty good Mexican food, but we love it for it's "lite" menu. I get the chicken tostada with ranch dressing on the side. The meal (minus the ranch) is under 300 calories, and it's delicious. That's pretty dang good for Mexican Food.

Casa Reynoso
This place has got a really unique taste, but I really really love it. They are located in Chandler on Ray Rd, east of Kyrene. Tell Robert (the owner) that one of the Fuller's told you about it. I always get a Gollo Burro with refried beans (inside the burro), rice, and a chicken taco. So yummy! This is a Fuller family favorite.

Forever 21 at Chandler Fashion Center
This is the biggest Forever 21 store I have ever been in!! It's' huge!

More Mexican food. Hello? This is Arizona! The original restaurant is on Mill Ave. and Baseline and my family has been going there since the late 80's. Now there are restaurants all over the east valley. I always get a veggie burro made with refried beans (not whole beans) and a side of green enchilada sauce to dip my chips in. The enchiladas and chicken tacos are also super duper good, but I must say they're veggie burros are totally unique. They are full of fresh tomatoes, onions, avocados, and cilantro. And they're served with this yummy yummy fresh salsa. You have to try one.

The Lego Store at Chandler Fashion Center
OK, this mall is super great, but a whole store devoted to Legos?? I was excited. My older boy is going through a lego obsession right now. And I must admit, I enjoy them too.

Nordstrom's Last Chance
THE place for shoe shopping. When I was in high school and Doc Marten's were oh so cool, my friends and sisters and I would come here and get them for $40 or less. I think I still have a pair of them. Now you can get Ugg's, Kenneth Cole's, and just about anything else. This time around, I got a super cute pair of black heels and a black and white polka dot skirt. The shoes were on the expensive side at $18.99, but the skirt (Anne Klein) was a steal at $4.97! I wish I could have gone everyday to shop up and down the 4 rows of size 9 shoes. I didn't find any boots though (which is what my goal was). Oh well.

There are tons more places to shop and eat. Phoenix (and it's surrounding cities) is a great place to find all sorts of shopping and eating, from discounts and fast food to couture and high dining with dancing; and all sort of yummy cultural food too (not just Mexican food).


Andrea the Frost said...

I also love Last Chance and made sure that I made a visit before I left. I am glad to see that you enjoyed your stay there.

Jenny Lynn said...

Okay, I'll start commenting so you know I read it :) It was super fun shopping together even though I had to bail out to go save my blind hubby!

You got some cute stuff shopping, I'm jealous!