Friday, January 02, 2009

A look back

over the past week or so... (You thought I was going to say 2008, right? How cliche.)

On Christmas Eve Eve, we had our annual Ollerton Christmas Party / Family Reunion. The Fuller grandkids did a Nativity scene while their Uncle Samuel read the story from Luke. My sister Chantal, made all their cute little costumes. Except Lacy's - I think hers was her Halloween costume. Brian and Katie were Joseph and Mary. Lacy and Susan were angels. And Israel was a shepherd. They all had a lot of fun. There were a lot of people there and lot's of good food. Some highlights were Aunt Julie's chocolate covered peanut butter crunch balls, the Death by Chocolate Cake, the chocolate chip cookies, my mac and cheese, the chili, and tons of other goodies. Oh, and seeing all our family and friends. At the end of the night, there were papers and pens passed around so everyone could write down emails and blog addresses. I'm excited to see who's blogging.

Christmas Eve was spent sick in bed or in the bathroom with "it" coming out of both ends (TMI?). Which is bummer, not only because I was sick, but because we have our big Christmas meal with turkey, ham, pototoes, gravy, pie and all the rest on Christmas Eve night. So, I missed out on all that. But, did make it out in time to see the traditional Christmas Eve pajamas be passed out. My sisters and I worked on making pj's for our kids so they all matched, but didn't do anything for the adults. So, we assumed non of the adults would have anything. But, my dad suprised the boys with his favorite sleepwear: robes. So, all the men in the family got matching robes. How cute. Us girls just got the flu to all match.
By Christmas morning I was feeling better, but my dad and brother both ended up with the tummy ickies later that day. I did get to eat a big yummy Christmas morning breakfast though. Hooray. It was a pretty lo-key Christmas for us. Israel got some Legos (his new obsession) and a big Star Wars ship. Randal and I didn't exchange gifts, we had a good year and didn't really feel like we needed anything. Mostly, I am just excited to be in AZ where I can eat all that food that I've been missing (Pete's Fish & Chips, Rubios, Rumbi Island Grill, Top Shelf, Casa Reynoso, Pei Wei, etc., etc.) and to be near lot's of good shopping. My mom and dad just gave each of us kids a little cash to do with what we want.
So, the next day, (or was it the day after?) Randal and I went shopping and out to lunch. He got me an iPod. It's about time. It's little and orange and cute. Although, I was bummed about my computer being in IA because I'm not able to put any of my stuff on it until we get home. That was also the day we went to the train park and the day Israel began showing the first signs that he had caught the ickies - plus I got the regular old runny nose, achy body flu/head cold. It wasn't too bad though.

Sunday was my brother-in-law's birthday and Jenny had everyone over to her house for dinner and cake and games. It was really fun, but wouldn't you know it, by that night, I had gotten the tummy ickies - again. Although this time there was no throwing up. I did get to see an old roomie though. Tina came to the party at Jenny's house as my date because Randal was home sick. She's like another one of my parents' kids anyway.
Monday was spent sick in bed again. My head cold and my tummy got worse. No fun. At all.
Tuesday both Israel and I were feeling better, but Randal was feeling worse. Plus, I think Elijah wasn't feeling too well either. He spent a lot of time sleeping. And when he wasn't sleeping, he needed to be held. So, Isreal and I spent the day playing outside and going for rides on my parents little farm work tractor thingy. We call it the Heward. Israel calls it the Polar Express. My mom worked in the Temple that day, and was hosting a wedding at her house the next day, so my dad came home from work early to get some work done around the house and yard. It was a good day. Israel discoverd the tetherball cement with all our handprints in it and had fun trying to fit his hands in. My dad spent some time playing with Israel on the trampoline and I just had fun taking pictures all around my parents house. Again, I wish I had my computer though so I could edit them.
That afternoon, my brother Samuel became Israel's new favorite person in the whole wide world. One word: Legos. Samuel has all of his Legos from when he was little and has been saving them for when he has his own boys. Well, he was nice enough to get them out and show Brian Jr. and Israel the bounty of Legos he posses. They boys loved it. In fact it was hard to pry them away for our activity. Tuesday night the whole fam damily went bowling. (Easy way to get everyone out of the house to try and keep it clean for the wedding.) It was a lot fun. Little known fact: My mom kind of rocks at bowling. Apparently she used to be on a league like a million years ago (or maybe it's only been 25 or so). She had the high score of the night with a 133 and she says it's been over 25 years since she's been bowling. My proud moment: I did get one strike. It was great. I think all together, we had 18 people bowling - including the kids. Everyone had a great time though. I think we should start a tradition.
Now for Wednesday. I dropped my kids off so that Antoinette could watch them and I could help my mom prepare for the wedding. Joyce and Nat got married in mom and dad's backyard. My mom has hosted many receptions and wedding at their house including all of her married children's. And has sort of perfected the wedding/reception planning. She owns tons of decorations and catering stuff. She knows where to get the good deals and who to ask to do what. This weddding, I have to say was among the nicest, if not the nicest wedding she has had there. It was very simple and elegant. She did a great job. By 6 o'clock everyone was gone and the place was clean again. The guy who married them (Bishop Smith from my mom and dad's ward) brought his super nice camera to shoot pictures, so he turned it over to me and I had a lot of fun shooting with his Canon 40D and big ol' beautiful lens. I asked him to make me a disk of the pictures, so I'll post some of the better ones when I get that. I'm so excited. I did shoot some pretty good pictures with my camera, but wouldn't you know it, I forgot to change the white balance after bowling the night before so all the pictures turned out a little on the blue side, and of course, I don't have my computer to go in manually and adjust it on Photoshop. Boo hoo.
That night, we were going to go to our friends for a fancy dinner and facny dancing. I was pretty excited to put on a fancy dress and heels, but with Randal still sick it didn't happen. So, we drew on my youngest sister's big prego belly and played games with family. New favorite game: Things. It's hillarious. Go buy it. Now. Toni, Randal's mom did stop by that night though. It was really nice visiting with her. I was in bed by 11:30. Why not just stay up those last 30 minutes? Well, I got sick. AGAIN. At this point I am thinking: "This is ridiculous!! I must have the weakest immune system in this house. I have gotten this stupid stomach virus 3 times now!!" You should know, I was awakened by the fireworks and other loud noises at midnight though.
So, New Year's Day was spent in bed. Again. Sick.
Today I am feeling all better and my sister and her family went home this morning. So, I am hoping that the sickies will stop spreading like wildfire back and forth with less people here. Randal is sicker this morning though. So sad. Send your healthy thoughts our way and hope that this is not an indicator of what 2009 holds for us.

And this picture is in here just because I think it's cute. This is another one of Samuel's super cool toys. It's a light saber and Israel just had to take it to bed with last night.


Kristina P. said...

That's a beautiful belly drawing! Mine would look just like that but older and wrinklier because of all the stretch marks.

I'm sorry you've been sick! I hope you feel back to normal soon.

Jennie said...

Your POOR THING!! I can't believe you all were so sick! Yuck! It just kept getting transferred back and forth! I hope you're completely on the mend now. And being that sick should warrant you not having any more sicknesses for the next 8 months or so!!