Thursday, January 15, 2009

I started a diet today

No, really I did.  And I stuck to it.  So far so good.  I thought long and hard about posting about all this dieting and weight loss stuff that I have to do because it seems to be a touchy subject for so many people, but I am an open book.  You can ask me just about anything and you'll get a straight answer.  (Unless you're Randal asking me how much I weigh or when I bought that sweater or pair of shoes or bracelet, etc.)  So, why not talk about what is sure to be a big part of my days for the next few months (hopefully I'll make a lifestyle change and it won't be such a big deal).

Anywho, it's no secret that my weight yo-yo's.  A lot.  After Israel I lost and gained and lost and gained...  probably over 120 lbs in total.  (ie: lose 20 lbs, gain 15, lose 45 pounds, gain 10, etc...)  And when it came time for us to start trying for our second one, I gained it all back.  This pregnancy I gained even more and although I lost 5 pounds in that first month after Elijah was born, when I stopped pumping at 2 months, I gained about 15 pounds.  Yuck.  Here's the heart of the matter:  I love food.  I think about food a lot.  I cook really yummy food (no really, I do).  So, I need a little help with those cravings.  I get it from these great little pills.  Phentermine.   Judge as you may, but I've taken them in the past and had great success.  And if I could stay on them (or Meridia) then I could maintain a healthy weight too.  Today was the first day I took my happy little pill and what a difference!!  I had to remind myself to eat lunch and I didn't feel the need for seconds (or thirds- yikes!).  Plus, they give me just that extra boost of energy I need to get things done - including exercise.

But truthfully, I can't depend on those great little pills because at some point I have to stop taking them so I can have more babies, and because of other medical reasons that dictate no matter how well you do on them, you can't take them for more than 6 months at a time.  So, my New Year's resolutions mostly lie in changing my lifestyle.  I resolve to eat better (and stop buying cookies!).  I really want to try these green smoothies that seem to be all the rage and try to cook more fish, chicken, and turkey.  Maybe I'll even try tofu this year (maybe not).  Eat more fresh veggies and fruit.  And find joy in exercise (not running though, I hate running).  Before I got married I was really in Yoga.  It made me feel healthier and so I acted healthier than I really was.  I lost 20 lbs last time I was doing Yoga 2 or more times a week.  And I got to the point that I could touch my nose to my knees (albeit painfully).

So: Yoga, aerobic exercise, more fresh produce, better proteins, and maybe I will even learn how to make Uncle Stephen's "bug bread" (it doesn't actually have bugs in it, he just puts so many grains, including whole barley, into it that it looks like bugs).  It'll be tricky to get in good aerobic exercise when you can't leave the house though.  (The high today was like -6 or something...  Which reminds me, I was going to go outside today and take a picture of the 2+ feet of snow in our front yard, but I just could not handle it.  It's supposed to be 26 degrees or higher on Saturday so we'll try to get out and make a snowman and take pictures of all of this snow.  Sorry, back to my healthier lifestyle.)

Bottom line:  Heaven help me!

(And if you out there in the blogosphere have any suggestions to for aerobic exercise at home, or recipes for fish I could use your help too.  It just has to be light tasting fish.  None of that really fishy fish kind of fish.  Think Mahi Mahi or Tilapia.)


Kristina P. said...

I was so debating whether to take a break from the elliptical tonight, but after this post, I think I better get my butt on it!

Do you have cable with On Demand? I know that they have a lot of free aerobic programs on it.

Jennie said...

I have a older Cindy Crawford video that kicks my bootie whenever I use it. I've also really liked using Windsor pilates because it helped me gain strength in my stomach in order to help strengthen and support my back since I have bad back issues after pregnancy! And now, I'm starting to do yoga!

Really, the best thing that I've done and have been successful at is the Paul McKenna "I can make you thin". Google it. Among other things, it helped me with physcological cravings that I never even knew I had (which we all have).

The rules are pretty much: I eat whatever I want, eat only when I'm hungry, eat slowly, and STOP when I feel full. It's that simple, and you know what? I went from 147lbs to 132lbs in 2 months doing that exercise (because at the time, it was like 1898 F degrees outside in Peoria!) It's definitely worth looking into...but you really wouldn't be able to implement it while you're taking that supplement drug because that drug messes with your true appetite sensations, etc.

I wish you the best of luck. As a woman in our day, I know it is so hard to feel good about yourself when you are not the healthy weight/size you want to be. I'm not perfect right now (still have rolls in my tummy,etc), but I'm finally FINALLY at a weight and body shape that I'm comfortable at and feel beautiful in. This is the first time in 10 years I've felt this way.

I'll be here supporting you the whole way!!

Amy said...

You go girl! We can be support for each other and share inspiration. It's hard and if not anything it's good to be healthy, even though food is good. I have that weakness too. You would think it gets easier but it's a daily battle that I lose almost every other day. Thanks for sharing with us in the blog world.

Anonymous said...

I love food too!! Somedays I win the battle and some days I loose. I lost yesterday...:( and looks like I'm headed down the wrong path today!! I figure if I'm good somedays it's better than no days! Anyhow, I'm not sure if there are any Zumba classes in your town but I am telling you it has brought joy to working out. Since you need to do your workout at home I know they have Zumba DVDs you can buy. Doesn't look like they are cheap but cheaper than a monthly gym membership! :) I've never tried them since I go to the class but I am sure they are good. Do you like latin music? This workout kicks your butt but is super fun. Let me know if you end up trying it!

mindy said...

You Can Do It!!! You know I'm behind you 100%! I just finally decided that I need to love this body God has given me. I know your feelings on Oprah, I myself am not an avid follower, but she is really on to something with her "Best Life Challenge." I got so much information on nutrition and exercise, and listening to her own story was very inspiring.

I have made subtle changes and I have lost a few pounds and I feel like I am on the right track to really making a lifestyle change. I'm not trying to brag, just saying it is possible and there is hope.

First, I DO NOT consider myself to be on a "diet." I got rid of the junk and filled my fridge and pantry with healthy options. If I am craving something salty I go for organic blue chips (I do keep portions in mind) instead of limitless Cheez-its. If I want something sweet I eat 2 slices of toasted 11 grain bread (the good stuff) with natural almond butter, a few drops of honey drizzled on top (totally optional), half of a sliced banana, and a sprinkle of flax seeds. It is so hearty and yummy! The almond butter and flax seeds are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acid, and the bread is fantastic complex carb.

My suggestion is to do a little research on healthy foods and with your cooking abilities you could eat deliciously. I have a few more tricks if you are interested.

As far as exercise'll have to be creative. Invest in some DVDs or see what is available on tv. My favorite form of home exercise is to crank up some tunes and dance. Grace loves to watch and dance with me, and it boosts my mood. Heaven help me if my neighbors got a glimpse of my silliness!

I know you can do it Charmaine! You Rock and there is NO LIMIT to what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it!

Oh, one more thing I learned...When you consume empty calories your body still craves the nutrition you need and sends the wrong message..."I'm still hungry." (in an attempt to get you to put the RIGHT things in.)

shanny said...

Hey, try Orange is an awesome fish. Do you like salmon? I am rootin' for you. Just know that no matter what, you're just super pretty. Period.