Friday, January 09, 2009

Flash Back Friday: Daddy

Today my dad turned 53! Let me tell you about some of things that rocked about having my dad as "Daddy" growing up. He is a goof. In fact, he used to have these shorts that had Goofy embroidered on them and he wore them - a lot. When my mom got rid of them, he was genuinely upset. (Or was it the shirt with Scarecrow on it that said: "If I only had a brain."?) Sometimes he embarrassed me. Actually, during those painful teenage years, he embarassed me a lot. I remember when I just turned 12, he was in the bishopric in our ward and we were having New Beginnings in Young Womens, and as the second counselor one of his duties was to come to New Beginnings (sorry for all the mormon lingo.) Anyway, at the end of his talk, he read a poem (more about his poems later), and all I remeber was that the last two lines were: "And I have my own Beehive, her name is Charmaine." Not that big of a deal, but for a 12 year old, I was totally embarrassed. You should know that now I look back on things like that very fondly.

My dad did some gymnastics in high school and it just kind of followed him. He would do handstands for us and clap his feet. He would jump on the trampoline and do all sorts of crazy flips and stuff. Once when I was in 8th or 9th grade, I decided that I wanted to try out for the cheer sqaud, but one of the requirements was that you had to be able to do a back hand spring. So, my dad took me out to the trampoline and taught me how to do one. I never did quite master it, and never made it to try-outs, but he spent a lot of time teaching me.

So, his poems. My dad is quite articulate, especially when it comes to writing. He has written some very clever poems through the years and if I knew were any were, I would post one. More recently though he has compiled many years of notes and study into FHE lessons for our family about Zion. He gives us a chapter at a time and they have been so good for studying.

My dad is also a super organizer. He loves boxes and containers, and everytime they have come to stay with us, he has tackled some organizing project, the garage, the basement laundry room/strorage room, our closets, etc. It's great.

So... my two favorite qualities of my dad's would be that he is a performer and that he is an organizer. Probably my two favorites because those are the two that are strongest in me. Lucky girl.


Kristina P. said...

Charmaine, where have you been, my bloggy friend?

I haven't seen you out and about in the blog world at all! You are missed!

Jennie said...

Oh that's sweet! What a great Dad!

I think that it's funny you were embarrassed just because your dad said that he had his own beehive, Charmaine in poem!

Amy said...

We always loved it when he'd add his little comments in poems, talks or whatever. That's what made it exciting/interesting to listen to. Your Dad is the best. He is always the life of the party even if it isn't a party. He always makes everyone smile with his sense of humor. To Brother Fuller - Happy Birthday!!!

I agree with the other post. I'm missing all your blog post. Are you back in Iowa yet? Or are you waiting for Clarissa to have her baby?

Glad you're not sick anymore.

Susan (Mommy) said...

I totally dig Daddy's big hair in that first picture, it shows what a good sport he is. He used to let me blow dry his hair and put a little curl in it. A REAL man for sure!