Saturday, December 27, 2008

McCormick Ranch Train Park

So it seems Randal has come full cirlce. He remembers playing at this park with his dad and brother when he was little. And today he was able to do the same with his sons. What's so great about this park? Well, first of all, what little boy wouldn't love a steam train he can ride on?? But, for us older kids, this park has kept it's original "Wild West" playground the same since the early eighties. It makes for really wonderful reminiscing. The park has had lot's of additions since then, but this little playgound has stayed the same. I even remember it from when I was little.

Israel and his Papa playing Cowboys and Indians.

The steam train - it really runs on steam!!

Elijah and his Mama - he's just so cute, I can't stand it!!


Jennie said...

I whole-heartedly agree!! He is so cute! I want to kiss those adorable cheeks!

What a cool train/park. We'll have to take the girls next time we visit AZ in March (Trev's lil bro is getting married).

EriKa said...

that elijah is super cute!

Kristina P. said...

What a cool park!

Amy said...

That's a frame worthy picture of you and Elijah. So cute both of you!

I hope you are enjoying your time in AZ - the nice weather, family, friends. Good times.

Candice said...

What fun! I have never made it to that park. Looks like we will have to one of these days.

I love the pic of you and Elijah!