Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Best Friends

Let me tell you about some of my friends, because I seriously have the best friends anybody could have...  And let me preface this by saying that I kind of feel bad about posting about these few friends because I am leaving out all of my other wonderful friends that I cherish so much.

Mindy (otherwise known as Madame Mindy)
She is the most beautiful girl I know - and I don't mean just physically (although she is gorgeous!)  She is wonderful inside and out, and although sometimes being around really beautiful people can make your own self esteem take a hit, that is not the case with her.  I feel better about myself when I am around her because that is the type of person she it.  You want to know what other type of person she is?  She is the type of person who you can stay up all night with working on crafty stuff, and not feel tired (ok, maybe a little tired, but it's that fun goofy kind of tired, not the omigosh-I-have-to-get-in-bed-or-I-am-going-to-fall-asleep-right-here tired.)  She is so talented and creative and she doesn't even care when I totally copy her ideas!  Plus, she copies mine!  And she's also the type of person that knows you can be a total b****, and loves you anyway.

Amy (her creative life is private)
Amy is the friend that I have kept in touch with the longest.  We've been friends since we were 8. (I think... it might be 7 or 9 though.)  We've been through it all, jr. high, high school, college, ups and downs, ins and outs, and despite it all, we still like each other.  And the crazy thing is, after all these years, she still knows me like she did when we were little - and even more than that, it's so crazy that we are still able to relate to each other because we are going through the same things now being wives and mothers and moving to crazy places and stuff like that.  I couldn't have a better 20+ year friendship.  (Yikes! Has it been that long??)

We only met a few years ago when our husbands were attending the same school in Glendale, AZ.  I think we became good friends when she asked me to watch her daughter while she went to a doctor's appointment.  This girl is such an example to me.  I really think she is one of the bravest girls I know.  When she has hard times, she doesn't hesitate to ask for help.  When everything is all better again, she turns around and pays it forward.  She's also a very talented and creative seamstress.  She might try to tell you differently, but don't listen - she's amazing!  Plus she comments on my blog a lot and makes me feel good!

So, there is my little tribute for a few of my friends I have been especially grateful lately.  And if you didn't make the post, it's not because I don't love and appreciate you, it's because I have too many really wonderful friends to blog about all of them right now


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like you have some awesome friends. And they are all gorgeous!

mindy said...

Charmaine, you are too sweet! I miss you soooo much! You have given me such a boost. I know you already have like 12 sisters, but will you adopt me? Really, who could tell that Jeff and Randy were the ones with all the history. I feel like I have known you FOREVER! You are more than a BEST friend...you're my SISTER from another mister!!!

Jennie said...

I've got tears in my eyes. Thanks for thinking of me and the sweet comments you made. I'm honored to see my face on your blog! You really are such a amazing person yourself. You are a righteous person and one of a kind. I love that about you. I just didn't know what to expect from you when I first started getting to know you because you always had ideas flowing from all directions. I love how different you are from the normal mormon mold. BUT different in a VERY good way. Am I making any sense? Alas, thanks anyway. :)

PS. I always think of you when I make those pumpkin chocolate cookies, mango salsa and whenever I buy a new kitchen gadet. Remember when you said that you were a gadget whore?!! Silly gal!

Amy said...

Awww. . . thank you Charmaine. That was a nice tribute. I feel lucky having you as a friend and I can't believe it's been 20 -/+ years! You're a friend that you can go without seeing for a couple of years and it feels like only a couple of days. I am so glad that we have kept in touch throughout the years and we've got to share our experiences with each other. I am also glad for modern day technology that makes it easier to do so.

Erin said...

What a neat post. They sound like great friends! You sound pretty lucky (and blessed).