Friday, December 26, 2008

12 Days of Chrsitmas - Day 12

On the twelvth day of Christmas, I was too sick to post to my blog:

12 People staying at my parents house
(My 2 parents, my 1 brother, my sister's family of 5, and my family of 4... plus my brother's friend here and there - so he actually makes 13.)

11 Times In and Out of the Bathroom
(At least)

10 hours of the Stomach Flu

9 Loads of Laundry
(There was a lot of puking and pooping)

8 More Hours of the Stomach Flu
(It wasn't quite 24 hours - just about 18.)

7 of Us Who Have Gotten it So Far
(Chantal, Me, Daddy, Samuel, Katie, Israel, & Lacy)

6 Couches, Oversized Chairs, and Rocking Chairs All in the Family Room
(Usually my mom's kitchen has a love seat and two chairs in it so people can sit and visit while everyone is cooking or crafting at the kitchen table - it's a really nice, really big kitchen - but while everyone is here, we had to move out the sofa and chairs to put an extra table in so there is room for everyone to sit down and eat at the same time, so those extra seating pieces are all in the family room. It's kind of crowded.)

5 Kids Age 5 or Under
(It's loud.)

4 Times I Thought about my Mac Yesterday
(It's getting better!)

3 Hour Nap

2 Hour Nap
(Yes, I slept a whole whole lot while I was sick.)

1 Christmas Eve Dinner Missed
(boo hoo)

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Amy said...

You should see if any of your sisters have any zofran around for the flu. I had a prescription from when I was pregnant but still use it whenever I get the stomach flu and it works like magic. I hope you get feeling better and that this is your last bout of it through the season.