Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Snow Dancer

Can we talk about nylons for a minute?  Bottom line: I hate them.  I think they are totally uncomfortable and basically useless.  But then the tights - I enjoy wearing tights, especially pink or purple or striped ones.  I mean, they actually keep you warm and have a use.  And now that leggings are in style, I've developed an appreciation for them also.  So, this is what kind of makes me laugh at myself: I hate nylons and don't mind tights and leggings, but what about these footless nylons?  They are basically exactly the same at nylons, but with this foot exclusion.  I quite enjoy these, so what is it about the basic nylon that irks me so?

Don't I look like a ballerina?  I really enjoyed wearing these today.  It was fun.  And look closely at my shoes - they are a gorgeous jewel-toned blue velvet mary jane.  fun!

In other news...  We woke up this morning to much more snow.  It was so beautiful.  Doesn't everything just look so much more beautiful when covered in white fluffiness?

The bushes lining the back of our backyard.  They just looked so cool covered in all that snow...  And by the way, I walked out to get this picture in those cute mary janes... the snow was at least 4 inches deep.

My crab apple tree again.  
Maybe I'll make a little book all about my crab apple tree through the seasons.

There's just something about a pine tree all covered in snow that is so Christmas-esqe.  Maybe it's growing up somewhere without snow, the only time you saw something like this was on a Christmas movie.


Erin said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Your yard looks beautiful. I don't really miss the snow per se, but the pictures are so beautiful it makes me want to be back in Ames!

Jennie said...

I was going to say the same thing about your crab apple tree pics! Funny. It looks beautiful in each season so far.

Love the shoes. Are you wearing the footless nylons in the pic or what? I HATE nylons too. Hate them hate them hate them. But I can manage the knee highs. I should try the stockings for something warmer because I'm still cold!

I'm so glad that you're loving the snow as much as I am. There is definitely something magical about snow. It snowed here today and I couldn't get enough of the HUGE fluffly white snowflakes.

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

oh gosh im so jealous! i want to live there! it makes me want to move to the snow. and YES your shoes are ADORABLE! the thing i never lived about nylons is that it seems like it only takes one time to wear them before they run. its SOOO annoying! maybe my toe nails are just extra sharp- i dont know. anyways i try to avoid them all together and just stick to tights! your footless nylons look adorable though! and i love that your wore your velvet-blue mary jane shoes in the snow. your a true arizonian. oh and your shoes remind me of a modern day dorthy. i LOVE it!

Andrea Hale said...

It looks so beautiful there! I would love to visit, but couldn't handle living in it. :) So, it's probably the nylon line on the toes that bugs you. ha ha I don't know... I hate them too, and I think that's why. If it doesn't line up just right it drives me crazy! :) Elijah's announcement is so cute by the way! Oh, look at my blog... I have been messing around a little with photoshop and made a blog card. It's not the one I'm sending out (just a project). Tell me what you think. Love and miss you guys!

Erin said...

You are just plain amazing! Thank you so much!!