Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude Day 6 & 7

My hubbie.
Yesterday I was sick - yuck - which is why Day 6 and Day 7 are together.  Anyway, Randal was so good about loving me even though I was being crazy.  I was laying in bed shivering and he kept on getting me more socks or blankets or Tylenol or whatever I needed.  It was sweet!

Drums (and Aaron to play them).
Randal plays the guitar and and is always looking for someone to jam with.  Well, he found a whole band worth of people to jam with in our ward.  Aaron plays the drums (which have been moved to our basement), Nick plays the guitar, and Chip is on the bass.  Almost every Saturday they get together and jam (Nick and Chip didn't come today) in our basement.  It might seem unusual that I would be grateful for a bunch of loud boys playing loud music in my basement, but I really am.  They sound pretty good when they play and although I like listening to just Randal play, it nice to have something different and more complex to listen to.  And I really just love the drums!  Plus Aaron harmonizes with Randal and they sound hot!

My crab apple tree.
All the leaves have fallen off and just the little apples are left - I think it looks pretty cool.

Here are the little crab apples with rain dripping off them.  I took this at dusk with the flash on and the apples look kind of like Christmas lights.  Fun.


Maryann said...

That last picture is awesome! I love it! I hope you're feeling better now.

Jennie said...

I love that last pic too! Sorry that you were sick. I'm glad that Randal was able to take care of you. I'm happy that he's got buddies to jam with too!

Andrea Hale said...

So, this is a super cute idea! It's really fun and I'm sure it makes you think extra hard about the small things. :)

Chantal said...

I am loving your gratitude theme. I am also glad you guys made friends so fast, its nice toi find people whi share intrests.
Your tree is beautiful!