Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gratitude Day 18

Today I am grateful for many things.  One, I am grateful that even though I am not with parents and siblings for the weekend, I am able to talk to them while I cook (if I were at home we would all be at my mom's house cooking together), and that we are able to enjoy Thanksgiving with good friends here in Iowa.  I am also grateful that Israel had a good day today - or maybe it's that I had a good day today.  Either way, he was quite pleasant.  It's my old Israel again.  (Since Elijah, he's had a hard time, which is saying a lot because he is an angel baby.)

My kitchen post cooking this evening.
I'm grateful for this because it's actually cleaner then when I started.  My mom would be so proud, except that it is pretty messy - so that would appall her that it was that messy to begin with.  *sigh*  Plus, Israel helped a little - he put the silverware away when I was unloading the dishwasher.  I wish I would have gotten video of it, it was very very cute.  Maybe next time.  I am also posting this picture so that all those people who think I do it all (which isn't many anyway) will know that THIS is a clean kitchen in my book.  You can't have it all!

Ahh, stuffing.
I found a couple of recipes that I sort of created a new recipe from.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Plus, hello, crockpot means I can do it the night before!  Hallelujah!

Mmmm, jello pretzel salad.
It's not what you would typically think of for a Thanksgiving dessert, but we always have it.  My sister Jenny usually makes it.  Oh, the nostalgia.  Plus, it's best served cold, so another make ahead one.

Crockpot mashed potatoes.  Yummy.  I can't wait to dig into these!

The one thing I'm not doing tonight - the salad.  But here's my pretty bowl just waiting for me.

So, that's it.  I'm exhausted, but excited.  Tomorrow morning I can wake up and not have to worry about anything but watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and getting ready.  Plus, we're not eating until 3, so lot's of time for that!  I'll be spending most of my time thinking of my family and friends that we don't get to be with this year and being grateful for the many many blessings in our lives this year.

Now, I'm going to bed!
Oh, shoot.  I just remembered I have to make cranberry sauce!

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