Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Wednesday night was our ward "Trunk or Treat."  Here are some pictures of the boys.

Elijah was a giraffe.  Here's his cute lil' bum.

Here he is in his cute little giraffe hat...  Don't look too closely, I don't want you to see my really bad "sewing" job!  Don't you just love the expression on his face though??

We did face painting at the carnival afterwards.  I say "we" because the Young Women were the ones in charge, and by the end of the night, most had left so I had to step in.

Israel was a dinosaur, he doesn't have the top up, but there is a dinosaur head that comes up like a hood.  He was a dinosaur last year too!

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Chantal said...

Israel Really seems to like the web on his cheek, good job!