Friday, September 05, 2008

Living In Ames, IA - Part 2

So, all this beautiful weather has us opening our windows first thing in the morning.  This morning I heard the marching band practicing over at the high school and thought it would be fun to take Israel for a walk and listen to the band and maybe go over to there and watch them practice, as Ames High School is only a couple streets over.  Anyway, on our walk, as we turned the corner, there was the high school marching band, marching right in front of us!!  The whole entire band with the conductors and everything were out marching through the neighborhood!  It was great!  Israel loved it, so we followed them as the did a couple of more passes around the block and down a couple streets till they went back to the school.  As you can imagine, there were lot's of people coming out onto their front lawns to watch.  I don't think this is something that happens often, but you never know.  We enjoyed it though!  This picture is from my phone though, I didn't want to have to run back to the house to get my camera and possibly miss something, but as you can see, Israel enjoyed marching right behind them.


Susan (Mommy) said...

You know that just because we don't allow the high school marching bands here in AZ to march down the neighborhoods, that doesn't mean that the rest of the nation are Scrooges. I bet they do that often, anyway I hope they do that is so quaint.

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

thats so cute!! how fun!