Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Living In Ames, IA

Just thought I would take a second and brag...  The temp right now (11:41am) is 61 degrees and the high is only supposed to get to 71.  It's a little cloudy, but still with those beautiful blue skies and there is just the faintest of breezes.  And best of all: It's NOT humid!  Ahhh....  I hope those of you in AZ are enjoying the 100+ degree weather!  LOVE YOU ALL!


Chantal said...

OOo your bad..Its killer here today in SD. Your so bad.
The picture is beautiful, is it near your house?

Scary Sicari said...

That's okay, get in your bragging while you can. You'll be singing a different tune when winter hits. It does sound REALLY nice now though!

Jenny Lynn said...

Ooooo... beautiful!!! You suck! Why dont you just go open your windows? I wore pants today and regreted it the moment I stepped outside.

I miss you

and your new layout background is super cute!

Amy said...

Ha! Don't you love having a break from the heat? Iowa is beautiful!

Susan (Mommy) said...

You know that we pay for our beautiful winters with the summer here? Well you pay for your late spring and early fall with winter! Just wait, enjoy it while you can.