Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elijah Update

If your not sick of hearing about or seeing our little guy yet, then after this, you might be....  Or after the pictures and post I'm sure to do once we actually get home.  Anyway, he's out of the NICU and staying with us in my room!  They'll discharge him tomorrow after one more night of observation.  They want to make sure he's eating well and that his circumcision is doing well.  He's such a pleasant baby though.  He hardly cries at all, even when he wakes up hungry - that just might be because he's all tuckered out today from his little circ surgery this morning though.  I'll enjoy it however long I can!

I like this picture - It looks like he's got a big smile.

I think my mom has a picture like this with each of her grandkids.  Precious! 

Elijah and his papa.

Israel and his baby brother.  He was really excited to get to hold little Elijah, but as soon as they had their picture taken and Israel gave his baby brother a kiss, he was done.  How sweet!


Jennie said...

I love his cheeks! I'm glad he's out of the NICU. WHat kind of surgery did he have?!

And Dang! Your mom looks like she had the baby, she looks that young!

Amy said...

How can you ever be sick of looking at pictures of him? He's too adorable! Keep posting them. Babies change so quickly in the first few months of life.

Your mom looks great. She doesn't even look like she could have seven grandbabies.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Oh I love the pics. I didn't know they were so good when I looked at them on my little camera. He is so precious! I am so thankful that he is all good now. What a test of faith.

Michael & Charlynn's Family said...

Glad to hear he is back in your room! It is no fun to have a baby in NICU. Thanks for the updates, he is precious!

Jenny Lynn said...

Oh I like the one with the big ole smile. What a cutie. I am so glad you get to bring him home soon. LOVE YOU!

Edith.morris said...

I am so glad he is doing better, Charmaine! He is so cute! Boys in 2008 are so great! (Our Taylor was born in May.) Email me, so I can invite you to our blog. I wish you weren't across the country! aka Edith Johnson!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

Eli is so beautiful! I wish I could met him in person! And I'm glad you picked that name, it fits him well!

Andrea Hale said...

yay! I was glad to see some more pics! I have quite a good looking family. :) He is very sweet! It's neat how much Israel and Elijah look alike. Gets me excited! Well, we're really sad that we can't be there to see him and snuggle him...and to help of course. I was glad to talk to you today and hear that things are going well. Love you guys!