Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get Sam Married

Gotta Love Him...

So, my younger brother is the only one of my 4 siblings that is not married...  And I guess it's time.  So, check it out:  Get Sam Married! 

So if you or someone one you  know goes for the "Peter Priesthood"/class-clown type.  He's your man!  He's seriously so awesome!  He's great with all of his nieces and nephews, he's a hard worker, and he can cook and clean!  He's smart and will keep you laughing.  He is always trying to do what's right...  I've always kind of thought of him as the "Moroni" in our family.  

So spread the word....  and let's GET SAM MARRIED!!!


Jenny Lynn said...

Gotta love your face!!

You are so amesometastically radical!

Andrea Hale said...

That is hilarious! Well, Peanut kinda vowed on not dating anyone's brothers or brother-in-laws ever again...but just maybe! :)