Friday, August 01, 2008

Our Iowa House

Ok, here are a few pictures of our house now that it has been mostly unpacked and decorated. Thanks to my mom and dad! They came for a visit over Pioneer Day and stayed for a whole week. They did what they do best! Daddy unpacked and organized my garage, by office, my laundry room and some of the basement stuff too! My mom made everything pretty! I am seriously so blessed!

So, the basement still has yet to be finished, so sorry, no pics of the family room or our bedroom. And no pics of Israel's room yet either because he still doesn't have a bed. Soon, though! So, basically you just the front room and dining room and guest room.

The coffee table

The bookshelf by the front door

View as you walk in the front door and look to your left.  
(Our front room.)

View #2 of our front room and out the front window.

Our dining room - I love these built in shelves and cabinets.  So handy!

Our china cabinet.

Dining Room - Big picture.

Guest Room - these pics were hard to take because of the way the room is shaped.

Guest Room

Guest Room - that's my great grandmother's quilt at the bottom of the bed. - LOVE IT!


Chantal said...

ooo It all looks so nice! I love the quilt, did Mommy bring it, when did you score that? I love the big window in the Family Room. You and Mommy are so good at decorating! I am still jelous, my house needs some love, but you deserve it.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Everything looks so nice. Keep it that way. I love it. Can hardly wait to see you in Sept.