Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too Long...

It's been too long since I last posted.  We didn't really do anything special for Valentine's Day, just a special "I love you."  We did go on a date the weekend before, which was nice because we hadn't been on one in  awhile.  And in the days since then I have just been enjoying the perfect beautiful weather....  isn't it though?

Anyhow, I did have a specific reason for blogging today...  This last Sunday this is how Israel came home from church:
Pretty darn cute!  Our ward has such great Nursery leaders.  We never have a problem with leaving Israel, he is so excited to go and play and sing.  I'm pretty sure they are the ones who have instilled some good cleaning habits in him (because you all know it is unlikely that it was Randal or I).  :)  Every week he comes home with some fun thing like this though.  A couple of months ago, it was a tool belt with all the tools to help him be good and gain a testimony.  I should be saving this things...  I think I'll be making an Israel's nursery box this week.

Another cute Israel picture...  He learned how to wink one day and just came up to me and said, "Mama, Mama..."  Once he had my attention, he winked at me!  It was so cute!  I've tried catching it in a picture and this is the best I've gotten.  He's just so cute!!!