Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well here is my MERRY CHRISTMAS post for all y'all.  We had a great Christmas this year!  Randal's mom was baptized just the Saturday before and Randal felt very blessed to be able to perform that and the confirmation the next day at church.  Both meetings were very special and truly we could not have gotten a better gift!  Toni was pretty excited because the mission president and his wife came to her baptism.  She kept telling us that the mission president's wife was a convert - just like her!  They were very nice as were the many people who came!  The Relief Society room was packed!  That day was also his youngest sister's birthday!  So, lot's going on!  

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house for dinner.  yummy!  Then, Christmas morning we opened up gifts at home, then headed for my parents, then headed for Randal's brother's house.  It was a great day and we had so much fun spending time with family.  Israel had a lot of fun opening his presents.  It only took him a one try to finally figure out what the fuss was all about with opening presents.  Then we couldn't stop him and he wanted to open everyone's presents!!!  But, by the end of the day he had gotten pretty good about waiting for his turn.  It was so fun to see his excitement and anticipation for those first few gifts.  Truly magical!

I can't help but feel so blessed for my in-laws this year.  (How many times do hear someone say that??)  But really I am.  I really love Randal's family and I'm lucky that his sisters are truly some of my best friends - just like my own sisters.  I have so much fun laughing and goofing around with them - especially now that they are growing up and turning into adults!  Odd, how that now they are adults, I can goof around with them easier!

Anyway, perhaps I will get up enough momentum after the New Year to post about any New Year's Eve adventures we have this year...  Stay Tuned!