Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Remembering

So, it's been a long time since I have blogged - obviously. But I have decided that I need to be better about something to do with our family history. And since I have not been keeping up on our scrapbooking, or my journal, or Israel's journal, this will have to do. At least our family history will be recorded somewhere. Hopefully this Internet thing is here to stay!

There is no way I am going to try and catch up all the time that has passed, so I will just give you some insight into what I have been thinking about this morning...

Yup, that is my sweet little nephew, not my son. He is the first born of the next generation on my side of the family. All this morning I have been preparing for a meeting I have to go to tonight. I've been reading "A Heart Like His" by Virginia H. Pierce. It's all about feeling God's love in your life, and helping others to feel of His love. There have been sweet little stories and examples throughout the book of times when simple acts of others have helped her or her family members or friends feel God's love for them. I keep being reminded of my sweet little nephew, and even as I start to just think of him, my eyes begin to water and I smile. In the week or two after my maternal grandma passed away, I was having a particularly difficult time. I had volunteered to make the programs for her funeral, and although it was an extremely rewarding experience, it was also an emotional one. I was also have a difficult time with a personal relationship that was causing me a lot of heartache. I was kind of beginning to feel to bad for myself and was wondering why none of my friends or visiting teachers had felt prompted to check in on me. Granted, I had not reached out to ant of them, I was just feeling sorry for myself.

After my grandma's viewing, when everything seemed to be coming to a head and my emotions were getting ready to overflow, my sister called me and said that her son had been asking to call and talk to me. He just kept telling her "Aunt Charmaine is sad, I need to call her." So, she put him on the phone and I pretty much lost it. He was so sweet and just wanted to say hello to me and tell me he loved me. I was so touched and grateful that Heavenly Father was still aware of me and loved me. When there was so much heartache and need just in my family, He inspired my sweet little nephew (who was only about 3 at the time) to call me and love me. I doubt my nephew will remember this, but it meant so much to me, I doubt I will ever forget it.


Scary Sicari said...

I know I'm the only one who leaves comments on this blog, I'm hoping you read them. I'm sorry to hear about our grandma. I called and left you a voicemail a week or two ago and was wondering why you haven't returned my call... now I know why. You have to know everyone who knows you can't help but love you!

halefam3 said...

Wow! That is such a sweet story. Cute little Brian! Chris and I read it and both got teary eyed. :)
P.S. I love the costumes...my brother looks weird though. ha ha

Chantal said...

you told the story so well!