Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Guess who learned "Say Cheese!"...
Yup, he gets cuter and cuter.  I have no idea how he does it!  He's getting so big it seems and he learns a new word almost everyday (or maybe it's me who understands a new word almost everyday).  He still looks just like his papa - and not at all like me.  In fact, if I hadn't have given birth to him, I might wonder who his mama is.  Maybe I should go blond so I can look more like him!

Mindy's Shower
A couple of weeks ago, my bestest friend had her first baby shower.  Notice how good she looks?  Well, they're adopting.  It's been a pretty fun and exciting time for her and her hubbie.  They've just had two months to prepare!  They're baby is going to be born anyday now!  Anyway, the funny thing about going to a shower for a mom who is adopting is that in this case, the soon-to-be mom was the best looking one there!  You usually expect the mom to be all big and huge and bloated.  Anyway, it was a blast and Mindy got tons of great stuff.  We had a lot of fun contributing to her scrapbook (see below), decorating onsies for baby, and hearing the whole story of finding out they were getting the baby.  I've heard the same story 4 or 5 times now, maybe more, but I still get choked up at the same parts (every single time, in fact).  They received a letter from the birth mom too, a very sweet letter.  And after hearing it or reading about half a dozen times, wouldn't you know it, but I still cry at the same parts!  

Mindy and I were talking the other day, she tends to call a few times a week to ask advice,  (I love it!) and I was telling her that with all the crazy stuff going and having to get ready for baby in such a hurry - that she is probably having sympathy mood swings and hormonal emotions and all that.  You know, sympathizing with the pregnany birth mom and all.  And that I was pretty sure that I was having symnpathy, sympathy mood swings.  I thought that was a pretty good excuse for my crazy moods lately.  What do you think?  Sound legitimate?  Randal didn't think so either!  hehe.

The Advice, etc. Scrapbook for Mindy & Baby
I have to admit I was pretty proud of this little creation.  It was a lot of fun making it too.  It's full of pocket pages with cute tags and inserts.  All ready for Mindy to put stuff on and in.  We passed around clip boards with paper and pens so that people could write advice and notes to mom, dad and baby.  She got a lot of good stuff on them too.  I think I should have her make copies for me!

Happy Birthday to Me!
The same day as the shower (only in the evening) my mom and dad took the family (and Jeff & Mindy) our for my birthday.  (My birthday was just a couple days later.)  It was loads of fun.  We went to a Japanese grill.  I'd never been to one before, but I LOVE Japanese food.  Anyway, it was one of those places where the guys cooks all the food right there in front of you, with the fire and flying knives and everthing.  It was great entertainment and really great food!  So it was a pretty good Happy Birthday!  And I highly reccomend trying out a Japanese grill resteraunt sometime!